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gives me more feeling of doing good for myself

Posted in Reasons to quit 14 Dec 2013
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stay in the moment and dont let anybody slip you out of this stated of mind, say to  yourself how good you feel and look even if we all put weight on so what better to be fatter and alive then a skinny dead person , dont you think .

and i have fighted with my mind every day and now i look at the people around me that smoke day and night and feel sad for them not thinking that they are lucky to smoke .

i know spends my smoke money on myself .hair and things , before i spent one hundred and sixty dollars a week on smokes and try to not take beer with your early days this weakens the mind .

i like having a challenge with my mind when it wants to play tricks  all be strong and remenber if you break its ok get up and  try again , remember i smoked for 35 years 30 a day so i dont talk sh-------

c u all hang in there

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1 Comment

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  • converse December 14, 2013 | 22:18
    Hi Rails,

    Well done and it is true what you say it is better to have a little weight gain and healthy than skinny and unhealthy. keep it up.

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