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Still hangin' in!

Posted in Quit experiences 13 Dec 2013

I cannot believe that it is day 16 and not a smoke. I have never gone this long ... ever!I have been smoking for decades and I am surprised that this seems to be my serious time to quit. I get urges but not strong enough ... I just tell myself I will feel better for it and how gross it has been. It doesn't hang around long ... Thank God.Thinking of all of you and how strong you truly are :-)

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  • stoprightnow, Western NSW December 13, 2013 | 10:42
    good for you stay strong.
  • Nic succeed January 08, 2014 | 0:31
    Hey Ricky, great to heat that you are still smoke free and made it through Xmas and New Years. You are well on your way. Congrats.
    Unfortunately after making 60 days it beat me and I smoked through this time however New Year's Day is my new quit date (day 7 today). I've been here before and am determined to win!
    Thanks for your message!! Keep it up!!

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