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Posted in Hints and tips 27 Nov 2013

It all started with me reading an ad from Salgrenska hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden.

They wanted a testgroup of alcohol abusers for testing a substance called Champix, usually used for quitting tobacco.

I had a small heart problem (which I didn't know of myself then) so I couldn't join the test group, but got the recommendation to visit a doctor and try to get it for my tobacco abuse.

I used to buy a sixpack (or more) daily and sat by the river, reading and getting comfortably drunk, but after using Champix for about a week, I found myself sitting with a book, some beers, but after a few hours I noticed that I hadn't opened the first beer yet!

Of course I finished the beers I had, but later I realized that the biggest problem with not drinking was not going by the liquor store!!

I'm not taking Champix any more, but still have no real need to pass the liquor store every day, just from routin.

Champix gave me the opportunity to choose for myself. I can easily drink a glass of wine with a good dinner, or a few beers over a book, but not every day just because I'm used to it.

I guess it would be the same for tobaccouse and that's the next thing I'm going to try.


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