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I wont give up on giving up.

Posted in Getting started 14 Nov 2013

I always start out so well, really determined, positive about being healthy, big statements like "THIS is the time i finally stay quit." i think this has happened 6 times in the past year and a bit now :(

This time, im not making big gestures, im not making it public knowledge that im quitting smoking, im just not going to smoke no more. i have the Nicobate lozengers there to help if im really craving the nicotine. But i wont smoke.

Too many times through the day i smoke:- Within 30minutes of waking up with my morning coffee for breakfast- Again, when i get to work and have my second coffee- one between morning tea and lunch with one of my friends, while we catch up. - One before i eat lunch, one after i finish eating and sometimes one before i go back to my desk after lunch.- Probably another three before i actually finish work, then ill have one when i finish work before heading to the gym- another one straight after the gym- Another one on the drive home, another when i get home with a coffee- a couple while dinner is cooking, couple after dinner and then one before bed and then it begins again.

i know this is all habitual and that i can break it. Today i havent needed a lozenger which is good. im really trying to reduce the nicotine in ym body, but i would rather one of them than a smoke and i know they are there for if/when i need them.

I cant wait to have fresher breath, whiter smile, more energy, clearer skin, better circulation, lower blood pressure, better health and more money in the wallet.

I wont give up on giving up.

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  • private, Sydney November 18, 2013 | 16:22
    I totally identify with the feeling that I'm "missing out" by NOT smoking... one day at a time...
  • Lizzy1 November 18, 2013 | 10:52
    Am sending all my "spare" strength to you!!! I am using Champix and have never found it easier. Good luck with the lozenges. Every day you don't have a smoke is a GOOD day!! After discovering this web site I have begun to think that there is a whole "family" of people out there going through the same thing every day. Stay strong!!
  • Nic succeed November 14, 2013 | 18:40
    Titan, sounds like my story. Time and time again I announce I'm quitting. Even though I always thought I was strong and could do it, it just never happened until now. I am day 13 and I do have a change in how I think about it. Previous attempts have always been hard due to the fact that I told myself I was missing out on something. This time I know that if I smoke I miss out on life. You should be proud of your motto "never give up giving up". I too said the same and have got to my time!
    Good luck, keep posting. You CAN do it. We ALL can do it!
  • skidlite November 14, 2013 | 17:20
    I have every faith in you Titan and I will keep sending you as many positive vibes as I can.
  • Diana November 14, 2013 | 13:53
    that's how it used to be when I smoked - EVERYTHING revolved around smoking!!! Don't smoke anymore, it's been four months and let me tell you that it can be done, don't be hard on yourself, do what you have to do to stay smoke free - good luck :)
  • Titan November 14, 2013 | 13:37
    Its quite sad isnt it?
    So very keen to not be a slave to the cigarette, so thank you.
  • stoprightnow, Western NSW November 14, 2013 | 13:34
    wow!your whole life revolves around smoking what are you going to to when you quit ? the best way to stop is don't put another cigarette in your mouth, all the best.

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