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The troops go marching one by one

Posted in Hints and tips 04 Nov 2013

Where I sit at my desk at work I can just see the entry way to the building through a little glass window. I am so busy and I work and work and work and then I stop its weird its like theres somthing that I need to do, something that needs to be done. I look out the little window thats only one way I can see them, they cant see me and I see the smokers going out for a breif break to enjoy the very thing that is no longer my thing. They file out one by one like soliders on a battlefield they are fighting a battle even if they dont know it just yet. For a split second I think, just for ONE split second,  maybe I should join them and then it leaves my mind, I throw it away and up I get and I walk to the kitchen with my bright yellow tea cup and I make a tea, my new fav thing, I brew my green tea and just as I'm sitting back at my desk the troops walk back in. Some are coughing and you can see they are short of breath (we have big long stairs at the front of the building) I take a sip of my tea and continue with my work while muching on a celery stick.

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