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Posted in Hints and tips 31 Oct 2013

Living healthy, what is that? now i know i get it, i understand it, i appreciate it, i need it, i want it, i have it!! I have started doing breathing exercises whenever i think of it. It opens up my lungs and chest makes me feel like i can run a million miles. I do them while im sitting at my desk at work, i lie down in my office and stretch out and breath (my co workers think im crazy) i do them while cooking dinner and bathing the kids, while i am in the shower the list goes on. i have started going on a 15 min work around the block in my lunch break instead of sitting in the corner surrounded by smoke. Ive mentioned green tea in my last post its my new found love. I eat healthy, i crave healthy food. Ive swapped the lollies i use to eat when craving to celery sticks. I was told today by a co worker that my face looks different, my skin clean. I smell healthy, the fragance from my morning shower lingers around me it comes from me. I am sorry if i post too much but this helps me to overcome the urge. Its only day 4 but i feel healthy i feel a new me....

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  • choosing life , Hunter New England November 01, 2013 | 13:06
    good luck everyone and thank you for the understanding i loke to write and this helps me.
  • Nic succeed October 31, 2013 | 22:16
    Choosing life, what can I say, you sound so strong. You are an inspiration to me and I thank you for sharing your journey I will do it too!
  • converse October 31, 2013 | 21:59
    Hi Choosing life, well done on day 4, you have a positive attitude good for you. Keep posting here, that is what it is for, if people have a problem they don't need to read. Do whatever helps you and believe me someone will take something from your post.

    It really helps me I write alot, as Dottily says getting things out and written down helps heeps, even later in the quit as I am. We are all in this together. Well done and thank you.
  • Dottily October 31, 2013 | 18:57
    It's great to read your posts, and I know writing things down really helped in the first part of my quit journey. Still does now! I'm 115 days into our journey....
  • A.F.U , Hunter New England October 31, 2013 | 15:54
    What ever helps you quit go for it, and your posts of hints, tips and experience's may help someone else get through there journey a bit easier that's why we're all here to help each other so keep doing what helps you stay quit. ALL THE BEST

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