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Green leaves yes please

Posted in Hints and tips 31 Oct 2013

Day four and i am feeling fantastic!! I was never a coffee or tea drinker but loved a coke zero with my smoke so i have stopped drinking fizzy as its a trigger one of many i have and i have started drinking green tea OMG i had no idea if i would like it but its helping (i now love it). The first cup i had was feral my reasoning to keep on drinking it was a memory i had from years and years ago it was the moment i let nicotine enter my body, my temple of living the very first time i had a puff it was feral it made my throat burn, my mouth ache for some sort of releif. I am now in love with my green tea and even brought a new beautiful cup for work and at home, hubby thinks im mad. Green tea has so many benefits they say its the healthiest drink on the planet.

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