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I can do this!

Posted in Getting started 10 Oct 2013

I am keeping myself busy. Avoiding my triggers, coffee, reading and drinking alcohol. I have changed my work smoke breaks to yummy hot chocolate breaks. After work when i jump in my car ive been winding the windows up and cranking the air con. during my lunch breaks im working out. First afternoon was the hardest. I worked out for the second time, washed my car, cooked dinner and realised it was almost time for bed. Day 2 I got home from work an spent two hours mowing my lawn. Today is day 3 and i went to the pub after my second work out for the day, i sat in the beer garden, (people smoking around me) drinking my wine and I did think about smoking, but didn't act on my thoughts just pushed it away. im already starting to feel like a different person. I smoked for 10 years and Im 25. I want to start a family, and thats my biggest motivator. I have been taking Zyban for 10 days and i can honesty say its working for me BUT i have never tried to quit, but believe me when I say I never imagined not being a smoker, I loved smoking, so zyban must be doing something for me. As I said, this is my first attempt at quitting and ,hopefully my only time and id be kidding myself if i didnt say i was scared, but Im motivated... I CAN DO THIS. Positive thoughts and willpower :)

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  • Harlzi, Northern NSW October 21, 2013 | 22:07
    Hi larch, yes I agree this week (week three) has been the hardest of all. Are you taking two tablets or one a day?
  • Larch, Hunter New England October 11, 2013 | 10:43
    hi hartizi
    well done on taking the first steps to quitting, yes a new family is a great motivator.

    I too am on zyban and they do help heaps, I had been smoking 40yrs. Be careful and keep your guard up, as strangely I struggled more with weeks 3 and 4 than weeks 1 and 2, so just stay strong and let us know how you go
  • converse October 10, 2013 | 22:22
    Hi Hartizi,

    You have completely changed your routine , that will stand to you, in the long run. Wanting to start a family is a big motivator so good for you. I took champix for one month went off due to nausea, and it was my first time to quit also, I cannot fault them they helped me alot. I still can't believe I don't smoke anymore, it's another life I was a dedicated smoker. You are in the early stages,bei as long as you are motivated you will be fine. You have a solid plan in place, keep following it,you are doing well so far , and remember one day at a time.

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