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Don't stop champix to early

Posted in Hints and tips 05 Sep 2013

I went all of Sunday with out taking a champix tablet and went to bed Sunday night belong I had taken one that day and I would take one the next morning. When I woke on Monday morning and saw I had not taken one I just thought oh well I will just do the rest of my journey with out them. Things have been really stressful at work this week with each day a make or break it sought of day and the stress has really gotten to me. Then three nights ago insomnia set in and I get about 3 hours of sleep a night. Don't know if its the stress or just my body going into shock coming off the champix to soon but I have brought some sleeping tablets for tonight. Any way just thought I would share my mid week delimas and say still smoke free and hoping every one else is having a better week.

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  • stoprightnow , Western NSW September 05, 2013 | 23:11
    why would you want to stop taking it says to take take them the full 3 months so you just thought you would stop them are you setting yourself up to fail, what was the point of taking them at all, champix works by releasing endorphines in the brain to trick the brain into thinking you have had a cigarette, if you were not getting any side effects from the champix why stop? oh well each to their own all the best.
  • converse September 08, 2013 | 4:25
    Hi Checks, how long are you on champix in total?
    I was one month on the champix and forgot to take them a few days going to work and I survived both days , and they were both stressful. I went and got the 2nd pack and I just could not finish the last two of the first month , really bad nausea constipation, spaced out, bloated, wrecked tired and emotional. I looked at the 2nd pack and said I cannot go through another one. Just decided my actual goal is to quit smoking not force a tablet that is making me sick. I like you just went on without taking them. I was grand I felt the cravings immensely after a week to two weeks coming odd champix. Sleep was off a little two but it all eased off about a week or so. Anyway's I am over 3 months smoke free so coming off champix can work.... you have the control. It all depends on the individual.

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