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180 days today

Posted in Staying quit 27 Aug 2013

Well imagine when I logged on here today and find that it is 180 days since I smoked and that I am $3,000 better off.  Mind you I don't think I could afford to smoke now as prices have gone up drastically to what I remember them to be.  I went to the shops the other day with a girlfriend and she needed to get smokes for the weekend.  She got 2 packs of 40's and it cost her $50.  I am so so glad that I don't smoke anymore as I know that I can't afford them.

The cravings have gone and only once in a while I think of going outside to have a smoke!!!  I look at myself in amazement with that thought and say ..... what are you thinking girl!!!!

To everyone else contemplating quitting, you will know when the time is right and don't worry how many times you fall off the wagon so long as you get back on it as you become stronger each time as you know what to expect.  Make sure you keep posting on here as the support you receive from everyone is what keeps you going.  I may not write too many stories, but I do read everyone's posts and respond to one's I can help with.  As I didn't use Champix I feel I can't really respond to those posts but I do read them all the same.  I have a friend (the two packs above) who has just started Champix so I have told her to get on here for support.

Good luck with your journey everyone and stay positive.

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  • Sharon180813, Central Coast August 27, 2013 | 9:26
    Hi Goonellabah,

    Fantastic you have done so well! That is such a long time, you must feel great.

    Your story has made me feel more motivated, I can't wait to get to 180 days. I am on day 10 and yes I have already saved $120.00.

    Your right about falling off the wagon, as I have tried quiet a few times. I really want this time to be it. My main concern is that emotionally I find it hard to stay positive. Especially at work. Do you have any tips on not getting annoyed when horrible people at work push your buttons?

    Well done again and I hope to hear back from you :)
  • MgahlEather August 27, 2013 | 10:16
    What an inspiration!!!! I'm on day 2 and have saved 60$ .. doesn't seem like much but sure does add up! Last time I tried to quit I wouldn't even consider one of these programs but they are so helpful with all the support we give to each other. It defiantly helps in so many ways!

    Good on you mate, and keep up the AWESOME WORK!
  • goonellabah2002, Northern NSW August 27, 2013 | 20:17
    Thank you both and you too will be able to do it as well.
  • Kman, South Eastern Sydney August 27, 2013 | 22:35
    well done mate!!that is a big achievement.
  • converse August 27, 2013 | 22:49
    well done on 180 days that is amazing great work.
  • john_syd_west, Nepean Blue Mountains August 28, 2013 | 10:17
    FANTASTIC EFFORT!! Well done keep it up. It is great that you have gotten through such an emotionally trying experience without having to resort to cigarettes as a crutch.

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