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Week 1

Posted in Quit experiences 25 Aug 2013

Well week one come and gone and i didn't die from not smoking imagine that. The first two days thought about smoking all day and was thinking the champix was not working. Days 3-5 thought about smoking less and the cravings really only came in the afternoon. Also had a really hard day at work on day 5 and a fellow worker said to me bet you fell like a smoke and my response was brilliant. I asked him if he felt like one which he replied no so I said to him why would I want one I am a non smoker, what an idiotDay 6 went on a fishing charter and had my first beer since I had quit and with people smoking around me all day still did not have one. Day 7 woke up with a hang over but did not have that nasty dry sand paper taste in my mouth where it felt like I had smoked a hundred cigarettes the night before. Also noticed that my since of taste has started to come back and the flavones from food are fantastic as well as the smells of the food. I am really starting to enjoy being a non smoker and with that money I am saving (about $300 a week) I think I will join a gym. Lots of luck to every one else I hope you all went smoke free this week and a big thank you to every one else on this site your stories all brought me hope this week and helped me heaps.

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  • annaportmac , Mid North Coast August 25, 2013 | 13:46
    Great story, Checks! Thanks for sharing, you are doing a great job :-) Must have been really hard on that fishing boat not to give in, but I'm really proud of you that you didn't! I've just passed day 7, too, lets keep up the great work!
  • trez August 25, 2013 | 21:09
    Congrats Checks you should feel proud of yourself if you can get through that fishing trip on a boat surrounded by smokers you can get through it. Keep going regards Trez
  • Checks August 26, 2013 | 5:42
    Hey Trez just read your on day 1 lots of luck and stick to it.
    Thanks for the reply

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