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Day 5

Posted in Quit experiences 22 Aug 2013

Hi everyone, thank you all for your posts, your all the reason I'm still off, could never have done it on my own. In a better mood today which is good for my husband lol. I had my blood pressure checked today and was shocked it was normal. I've had high bp for years even while on bp tablets, so I think it's dropped from not smoking, yay. At what day or week did people notice the difference in their skin or how they felt etc? Looking forward to those days and to be able to get up stairs without stopping. Hope everyone's going well, we can do it.

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  • goonellabah2002, Northern NSW August 22, 2013 | 22:06
    Excellent hunble, you are doing great. Glad the blood pressure is normal and just goes to show what symptoms can occur with nicotene. You are still in the early days yet but you should notice a change in a week or so of quitting. I mainly noticed that I stopped coughing but I had a lot of comments that my skin had changed.
  • sconie August 23, 2013 | 16:06
    Hi there humble like you my blood pressure has been high for years but when i went back to the doctor for my second lot of champix it was normal i know it was the smoking that was causing that, also i was getting dizzy light headed even while driving but since i havent smoked its gone away. I noticed my cheeks are not red anymore and i dont cough every night when i go to bed, in fact i dont really cough at all and if i do its a dry cough. I carnt believe the smell now when someone has had a smoke its horrible. Good luck with your progress.
  • humble August 23, 2013 | 20:08
    Thank for your posts am looking forward to the changes, never really coughed but can smell smokers now, glad I don't smell like that anymore.

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