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Day 101 saved $1616

Posted in Quit experiences 14 Aug 2013

Yeap thats right, Day 101 and $1616 in my virtual bank account ( I Honestly should have put that money into a real account, but No i didnt)

Its been one huge road, looking back from here to day 1.

I have to say I like the new healthier me so much more than that old smoking me, I love what and Who I am now, I look back at that Nicotine addict and feel pity, we all know what Im saying here.

Im at a point where the days being smokefree arent the centre of my universe, and I think this road is easier not counting the days, For me counting days is a build up to what?  does it mean at day 250 or so I have reached a great milestone and then can get off and smoke..I cant connect to a daily or weekly count anymore, maybe Im at the point where this is the new me and counting isnt THAT important, i guess it means I need to set new milestones on this road or maybe i have reached the turning point where I'm a genuine non- smoker..Anyway too many mindgames trying to find reasoning..

So I guess the key is, One day at a time, Use whatever you need to get through the rough times and the main thing is..dont smoke..If you fall, hey really, dont beat yourself up.Just keep on going.. I think this is the real key to staying smokefree and reaching that milestone. Most of us fall off at some point and then give up because we think why bother we have failed. But in reality we havent, we've just had a set back, so no matter what happens-- just keep going..Just like some-one on a diet,So what they have chocolate, doesnt mean they have failed..

So good luck to us all, no matter where we are on this road. It's the same crazy journey..

Keep strong every-one and yes, keep going :)

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  • LittleBec03 August 14, 2013 | 16:24
    Go Gammy!!! I am really excited about getting to the stage of where I don't even notice the smoke free days going by :)
  • TanyaBee August 14, 2013 | 15:50
    woohoo Gammy..... Well done on 101!
  • Dottily August 14, 2013 | 11:19
    Hey Gammy, great stuff! Well done. It's really good to hear that counting the days becomes less important. Be nice to concentrate on things other than quitting....
  • stoprightnow, Western NSW August 14, 2013 | 8:51
    before you know it, one year will have passed then 2 well all the best and have a smoke-free life.
  • Nic succeed August 14, 2013 | 7:58
    Gammy,, well done congrats. Your words say it so well. Thank you for posting g your words of wisdom, day 10 for me and. It really helps!
  • gezza August 14, 2013 | 7:44
    Good stuff, Gammy. I will get there too. I am 8 days today and feeling so much healthier and fresher in the mornings. I like the bit about a "healthier you" thats gotta be my trigger as well.

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