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trish k
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I stun myself even.....

Posted in Hints and tips 01 Aug 2013


I'm a non-smoker, 578 days without one and I feel FANTASTIC. I thought i'd just pop in and see what people are up too and offer maybe some encouragement.

Don't let anyone say it's easy, hey it's not.....but take each day as it comes and work through that, don't get ahead of yourself and have that little voice in your head say things like.....what are you going to do when you go out without a cigarette, you'll be bored...... just keep thinking *I CAN DO THIS*....and you will, will power gets stronger the longer you use it.

I'll admit, 578 days ago I thought I would need to be put in a padded cell somewhere and throw away the key, I thought that was the only way i would have given up....but it wasn't, and I'm a stress head to the max. I took everyday as it came and worked through the tough days, and you will find there will be some, but it's suprising you will still cope with out a cigarette, I have and YOU WILL, you will get stronger everyday that passes, you may not think so at the moment but you are starting a new life as a non-smoker and you're going to LOVE IT.....YOU CAN DO THIS......

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  • TanyaBee August 01, 2013 | 15:56
    578 days - WOW! That is so amazing Trish... Cant wait to get there (im on day 107 lol).....
  • trish k, Central Coast August 01, 2013 | 16:08
    Tanya 107 days is great and it won't take long before your 578 days, it seems to fly. I think once you pass the initial really strong cravings you think clearer and cope better and it isn't a crutch you don't think about as often.....your doing great
  • Gerry1 August 02, 2013 | 5:25
    you are beating me Trish. I am only at 563 days. I think the hardest time was between days 51 and 70. Then it got easier as the days passed.
    But I am glad I made the move now, Just wish I had done it earlier.

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