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Feeling Fantastic!

Posted in Quit experiences 25 Jul 2013

HEY ALL!! So today is day 9. I have not felt better, honestly best decision I have ever made! Everyone kept hounding me for YEARS to quit and I just ignored them, mainly because I wasn't ready. I find myself now thinking about smoking but the feeling passes so quickly - granted I wasnt a particularly heavy smoker. Non the less, it was not easy, BUT I have found it easier then I thought. I have had a few beers weekend just gone and did feel the urge to smoke but just pre-occupied myself with something else and the felling very quickly passed.. I have been spending my down time at home, when I would normally sit on the couch watch TV and go for smokes every 1.5hrs or so by running, I never thought I would be able to run, but I have been running 1.6kms each day this week and also been playing Netball as well last night, I have always been an active person with sport but couldn't run very long or far. It just proves to me and everyone else close to me that it wasn't the fact that I was unfit, it was the smoking that was stopping me! Thanks for the support guys, I have been reading up on the blogs and some have definitely helped me. I feel, healthy, happy and most of all I'm pushing myself to change my whole diet and exercise and get fit and healthy 27yo female I should be!


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  • Paddy, Northern NSW July 25, 2013 | 20:00
    Hey Jess, the only time to quit is when you and only you are ready. Changing routine, exercising, just get up and do something, has worked for me. I'm up to about 2k run in an 8k work. Just keep moving. I wish I quit at 27 (15 years ago), but I wasn't ready. Go you for your own reasons, not anyone else's. Enjoy your new found freedom. Stay strong.
  • A+E Guy, Sydney July 27, 2013 | 12:52
    Exactly right. My failed attempts in the past was because I was quitting to shut others up not because I wanted to
    This time it's for me - this time it will work!

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