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Posted in Getting started 18 Jul 2013

Well, I have made it to day 3! Pretty proud of myself, I've been so strong. The car is my main trigger, after a long day at work, I really enjoyed my afternoon cig in the car on the way home. I have replaced it with Music been listening to some new music, I'm finding tha Dubstep is really helping which is unusual as I don't normally listen to it unless I'm going out, I have also been chewing normal gum on my drives as well, which is replacing the habit. I have been very concious when eating, and opting to eat healthy and when I get home from work, have been going for a run/walk to pre-occupy my time. More time I'm active the less I think about smoking. I watched the footy - State of Origin - last night and had three beers and also stayed strong which is my 2nd biggest trigger! At the moment, it all seems to easy, but maybe I'm just ready to get healthy and fit, and take control of my life, and in the process I'm saving loads of money by the DAY! Thanks for the awesome support here so far guys, it's great.. 

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  • converse July 18, 2013 | 20:54
    Hi Jess well done you are positive and have doing awesome... well done ..keep it up .
  • goonellabah2002, Northern NSW July 18, 2013 | 11:02
    Well done Jess. To have a few beers and still not have a smoke is excellent. It just goes to show that you are ready lead a healthy life. The exercise is great as it does take your mind off the ciggs as well as makes you not want to out food in your mouth as a replacement.
    Keep up the good work and let us know how you are going.

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