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63 Days Smoke Free

Posted in Hints and tips 11 Jul 2013

Well 63 days smoke free!  Who would have thought it?  Certainly not me!  My partner had her first hypnotherapy session on Tuesday night and has her second today.  She now understands how weird this process is.  One day you are a dedicated smoker, the very next day you are standing outside with everybody smoking around you and it does not bother you.  You have all but lost your craving for cigarettes and after the 2nd session the craving has completely gone, and with it the desire to smoke.  I always said that they would have to take the smoke out of my mouth to nail the coffin closed and here I am 63 days smoke-free.  Nothing short of amazing.  I cannot recommend hypnotherapy highly enough, for me, it was nothing short of a miracle cure.  At $330.00 for the programme it may seem expensive, however as of today I have saved almost $1,800.00 by not smoking and that is a fantastic return on investment.  No risky drug treatments, no expensive and ongoing NRT, just 3 1 hour sessions, which in themselves are very relaxing.  Contrary to what this site and the Quit line may say HYPNOTHERAPY DOES WORK.  From my experience and a friend who followed me it is a very effective and very low stress method of quitting.

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  • john_syd_west , Nepean Blue Mountains July 12, 2013 | 9:00
    Thanks for all your comments.

    Sunny, at day 18 you are exactly where I felt like, I believe the technical term is CRAP. I couldn't concentrate, I felt ill and had headaches something I do not normally suffer from. I was not hanging for a cigarette just felt terrible. The way I got through it was to say to myself, "I got through yesterday do I want to have to do that again. Because if I have a smoke that is exactly what I will have to do." For me the physical withdrawals seems to be the most intense from week 2 and week 3, after that I have just felt better and better. So if you follow the same pattern you should be starting to feel better soon just hang in there it is worth it. You hear people speak of the benefits of giving up but I can tell you I did not expect to feel this good this quickly. So hang tough...
  • converse July 11, 2013 | 20:20
    Hi John , well done 63 days is great !!!! I think it is awesome,ti have gotten so far...good for you. A mate is the same he did hypnotherapy too swears by it. Good for you too Suze ...
  • Sunnysunshine , Northern NSW July 11, 2013 | 16:07
    Hi john_syd_west and suse,

    You both inspire me to stay on track, i am 18 days free of ciggi`s and i feel up and down, mostly up. My son would say mostly aggitated ha ha

    Thank you for sharing your stories. I finally quit for good cold turkey as i had tried just about everything except tying a cage around my head every morning !!

    Stay well freedom fighters xox
  • Suse July 11, 2013 | 10:11
    Well done. As with all ways of quitting I am happy that hypnotherapy worked for you. I did this about 30 years ago, it worked for a short while but I guess it was not really a big deal back then and I know I was not doing it for me I was pressured into it. You have to want to quit for it to work. Funny though as I think back how many excuses we can make to put this off, ha ha. I am 61 and felt like a kid trying all the excuses under the sun, really wanted to but it just happened. I am 68 days free now and do not and will not put a smoke to my mouth again. Keep up the good work and read some of the stories, they are amazing.

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