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1st Day Quitting

Posted in Quit experiences 10 Jul 2013

So... its been 13.5hours since my last smoke.

Feeling really positive about this attempt. i have to admit i usually do start off good, but this time i will keep up the momentum. Im 100% completely over:

- Smelling of smokes- Not having a bright white smile, like i use to- Being unfit and short of breath - Broke, for feeding my addiction- Lazy and un-energetic- The taste of smokes- Coughing

Im committed, dedicated and so keen to stay smoke-free, its not funny anymore. Enough is enough.

Goodluck to all who are in the same boat.

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  • A+E Guy, Sydney July 10, 2013 | 12:36
    Well done for giving it a go!
    Only at Day 4 myself!
    You have plenty of reasons to give up - remind yourself of those every time you feel like a smoke.
    I find distraction and avoiding smoking situations are working for me in terms of habit breaking and the patches are helping with the craving...
  • Titan July 10, 2013 | 13:25
    Will do. there is no positive reason to stay a smoker. Im keen to be free of it.
  • moremoney, Western Sydney July 10, 2013 | 21:47
    Hi Titan, it's all positive when you give up. More money,you smell better, you feel better and soon you will look better. God luck

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