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House work always helps esp when you are frustrated

Posted in Getting started 27 May 2011

Hi All,

I am new to this site and thought that I would share my experience with everyone....

Well where to start, I have been smoking since I was 15 and now I am 32. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done quitting, it is even harder then comming out.

I have tried to quit so many times but have always managed to find an excuse to take it back up, either I was to stressed or I would just tell myself after I quit that If I only had one it wouldnt kill me, But the one thing that all of us have to realise is that 1 ocassional smoke leads to another occasion smoke and another and another until before you realise it you are back to smoking nearlly a full pack a day.

I have been smoke free for 14 days now and yes the cravings are bad and I physically feel the need to have one, but I have told myself that no matter what happens this time I will not take them back up. There have been to many deaths in my family from smoking and recently my grandmother who I loved with all my heart passed away from Emphysema, I dont want to go out the way she did in pain, having treatment after treatment and then in the end suffering so badly and begging to be released.

I have been smoke free now for 14 days using the patches and I have to admit that I am feeling so much better, my skin for the first week was so bad, I was breaking out with pimples, and my body would shake and shudder from the withdrawl, but now at this stage I feel so much better, I no longer wreek of cigarette and my clothes no continually smell, I have totally spring cleaned my house to remove the smell, its only take nearlly 2 weeks but the smell has finally gone. 5 Days after quitting I detailed my car from top to bottom, I wiped out the centre console as there was little specs of ash everywhere, and I was disgusted to look at the bucket that I had filled with hot water and disinfectant and the water was black!!!! if the water is that filthy imagine touching the gear stick and the stearing wheel and then touching food, I didnt even make the connection until i cleaned the car out totally. I cleaned the upholstry in the car and what came off was black and I had only had the car for six months!!!!

Anyway long story short, I have had a wieght gain, but now this is under control as I have started to substitute eating for exercise and general chores. I find that not smoking does free me up, but its the daily habits that are hard to break,

If you have any of these habits feel free to drop me a line and let me know how you deal,

1) When leaving the house, I always made sure that I had my wallet, my Mobile phone, my keys, my smokes and a lighter.....I would never leave the house without them -To Combat this now and to kill the habit, I now substitute my smoke withs something else eg :  A bottle of water or and I know this is going to sound stupid, but the car charger for my mobile phone.

2) When having my lunch break I used to eat and then go out for a cigarette actually after any meal I used to go out for a cigarette, actually any occasion used to be cause for a cigarette, Now Instead of that I carry a little card around with me, on this card I have written down the reasons (my personal) reasons for why I have quit smoking, this just re-inforces my will power and keeps me on track.

3) I have started to exercise, esp first thing in the morning, when I would wake up I would crave that first smoke, I used to smoke and have a muther or a V now I get up and exercise for 20 minutes, this seems to curb the cravings before I put the patch on. This morning I exercised and totally forgot about the patch until I was out in the car and wating for it to warm up  LOL I had to run back into the house quickly and put it on.

These three I have noticed are the major things that cause the cravings, when I used to smoke I used to be a home body, now that I dont smoke I find that I am wanting to get out more and exercise, walk and just spend time with my Nephews and Niece...

To Everyone who is trying to quit, its an awesome feeling not to smoke, its awesome not to stink of smoke and its awesome to be free of a drug that pretty much controls you, mind, Body and wallet....


If you are starting your quit journey just remember you have to hit rock bottom before you get to the top, I know its hard but the rewards at the end of the journey will be more beneficial.

Good Luck everyone


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