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day 63 today ( 2 months down )

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Jul 2013

Hi everyone, 

Well slow and steady wins the race as they say.. I have made it to day 63 which is also 2 months and 2 days,, Yeap Go Me :)

It seems so far away from day 1, there have been times when Ive wanted a ciggie more than anything else, the cravings still come and go but I guess we learn how to deal with them so that they dont take centre stage in our day, The moods have settle down and I have also learned to KEEP CALM no matter what crazyness is going on inside my head at times.. Dont get me wrong the majority of the times everything is cool and calm, But I guess what Im trying to say is that although all the side effects from quitting do remain with us for a while and we do learn to cope better the longer we are on this journey, which is of course the new " you " its the person we DO want to be. Its the best feeling in the world to have control of your life and not have the ciggerettes controlling us each day, Its great to not have to worry when the next smoke will be and If you go out, will I be able to smoke etc etc.We all know how that goes.

Anyway so many negative things to say about smoking, And there are so many postives from not smoking.

I know that i wont smoke again, Im not strong enough ever to have just one or one puff.I have accepted that for me smoking is no more.I dont need it in my life anymore So  I accept that decision and move on into my healthier beautiful life.Free from all those harmful toxins and now its time to recover and repair the best I can, although I do understand that in reality there is so much damage that my 30 year addiction has already done and possibley will never recover or repair from that but hey, We can only become more mindful and treat ourselves with better decisions from this point onwards

Here's to us all on this road to recovery. Keep strong, keep posting and we are on this same road and here to support each other when we need it.

Have a great day every-one.. 

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  • RJ, Hunter New England July 12, 2013 | 22:32
    Well done Gammy. i too am day 63. i miss it, feel like ive lost my best friend but i know i wont smoke again, ive come too far. i love the smell of my pillow, doesnt smell like stale smoke. small things make it all worthwhile. keep up the good work.
  • Mr Golf July 09, 2013 | 18:20
    Go Gammy "you good thing"...Love reading about your success. Your right, none of us need smokes in our life anymore, I can relate to Bill44, I too felt sorry for all the people at my work who spent half their day smoking and not working, not a good look.
  • converse July 07, 2013 | 21:12
    Well done Gammy, that is awesome, 2 months is good going.You should be proud of yourself. You hit the nail on the head about having control over you life, and not being controlled by smokes. You have a strong mind and clear rational thinking to guard you away from those traps the smokes set up to take it back up again. Well done like reading your posts. Treat yourself today, it is a milestone at two months.
  • Solo, South Eastern Sydney July 07, 2013 | 20:59
    Hi Gammy
    Isn't it a great feeling to reach these monthly milestones? Well done girl, its a long road but a rewarding one. Like you, I haven't had a cigarette since I quit because I'm not game to, I think one puff and I'd be back to square one, and having got this far, no way am I going to go through it again. I can go hours/days without thinking about smoking, and then suddenly I'm thinking I would like a cigarette. Addiction is a dreadful thing, but our willpower and determination to begin a new, healthier life will surely win out this time. Keep in touch, always great to hear from you.
  • Bill44, Central Coast July 07, 2013 | 10:41
    Congratulations Gammy, today is the 390th day for me and my wife. One of the things that surprised me happened on Friday, I was at our local Shopping Centre waiting outside the Chemist's and on looking at the line of people at the Cigarette counter of the supermarket I actually felt sorry for them.

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