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Champix - Day 9

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Jul 2013

Ok - Today was the last day of smoking! I had 1.5 all day and didn´t even think about it being the last ones. The half that I had was the last one I guess, and I put it out before Id finished just because it was pointless and gross to smoke it. 

Tomorrow morning may be slightly difficult, but I am planning to have breakfast and a coffee, instead of a cigarette and a coffee. 

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  • converse July 02, 2013 | 0:47
    hi good luck with it,you have been experiencing the border, btw smoking and not smoking, you are in the zone now, the day to quit just comes naturally , you will know . Good luck for today and keep posting here on your progress.
  • dharper57 July 02, 2013 | 1:29
    Hey hang in there yesterday was my first day without one puff . Yeah I am doing it. Like you I had. Couple of drags here and there but pointless if your on Champix. I am doing better today as far as cravings and I have seem to get past the eating trigger. You can do it !
  • moremoney, Western Sydney July 02, 2013 | 8:27
    Good on you Plasticleech, it's just the change in routine you need to manage. Every morning I would have breakfast, then a cuppa and a smoke. I cut out the cuppa for a couple of days and that worked for me. Good luck and keep posting and reading these inspirational messages!

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