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Posted in Hints and tips 27 Jun 2013

This will be the nth times I try to quitting smoking. I quitted on cold turkey for 4.5 years as a promise to my boyfriend that I would quit as soon as we were engaged. It was a piece of cake to quit cold turkey back then even I had been smoking for 10 years. I couldn't recall experiencing any withdrawal symtoms, I guess the engagement and the dream of spending the rest of my life with the one I love were so powerful and joyeous to outweight any withdrawal symtoms. I picked up the cigarettes again to stop the crying from being cheated on by now my ex-husband. That same person that I gave it up to begin with. It's been a long 7 yrs and this time I want to quit for myself and stay off it for good. I have tried the NRT, the cold turkey, and the cut down to quit but all failed. Being alone and doing it alone is really hard, especially only a few of my close friends know that I smoke and my family certainly doesn't. Acknowledging that, I used the quit line last time I tried, but still not enough support because I was afraid and ashamed to talk about it with a person over the phone. Then I saw the 'We Can Quit' ad on TV and know that this could very well be the best way to help myself quit this annoying habit and addiction. I can write about it, which I feel less 'exposed' and I can even cry while writing the stumbles, the fear, the worry. Have set my quit date on 1st July, the first day of second half of 2013. 4 days away. Right now, I am feeling scared (a bit closed to petrified) that I would be a smoker until the day I died if I can't quit it this time.

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  • NeverNeverEVER June 28, 2013 | 12:52
    Hugs to you for your past. The thing i see in your words is that maybe your mind sees smoking as a support that you felt you needed in a crisis. I really don't know how to say this except smoking gives nothing but an addiction fix.
    My first couple of days i had on a patch and also used the new spray, thats a pretty cool new aid and very helpful. Its an instant hit. But the biggest thing i had to do was get my mind around that i was feeding an addiction.
    I had to realise that i had made a choice to quit and no one was forcing my hand. I had to ride thru the bad moments and enjoy the good until the good became the more norm. But all in all, the biggest thing was my mind.
    I had smoked for 39 years and although its been 16 days, i can safely say Never Never Ever again.
    There is nothing to be scared about, try and turn your mind around to 'omg omg i am sooooooo excited to be finally getting rid of this addicition' do a little dance in the middle of your room.
  • humble June 28, 2013 | 20:29
    Hi like you I had help from the quit line, they were very helpful only then I felt bad that I had started again after all their help. I'm going to quit this Sunday, this will be my second attempt on this site to quit. The support on here is great and if you want to quit on the first, maybe we can support each other as we are quitting one day apart, otherwise keep coming on here there's plenty of support.

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