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Let's NOT forget those powerful moments

Posted in Hints and tips 26 Jun 2013

I wanted to give some encouragement to others and also to self.

Lets NOT forget those powerful moments. 

We here so much of the cravings and the urges and the mind blowing mess up that we can become. But lets not forget those incredible powerful moments, where we feel so amasing and proud and strong. At first they may be few and far between but within a matter of days, they increase in their length of time and how often they happen. 

This morning is an incredible powerful morning for me.  I feel amasing. I feel strong. I am so inlove with life, so inlove with not being a smoker. So inlove with the feeling that i have finally done it.

Let's remember those moments when we feel down. Let's remember the feeling of fresh air entering our nostrils.  Let's remember that we are totally amasing and strong.

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  • converse June 26, 2013 | 9:09
    Hey thank you for the inspiring post. You are so right, I have been a mess the last few days , and reading this helped snap me out of it. It will get easier and I nearly broke today , but I didn't thank god. It a good feeling to be breathing in fresh air and getting healthier. Thanks NeverNeverEVER , well done so far on your journey.
  • Kellie2185 , South Western Sydney June 26, 2013 | 10:04
    Hi all, another awesome thing i have found since giving up smoking is that i can sing better & longer in the car to the songs on the radio haha! also, i dont feel awkward seeing those "give up smoking" ads on telly! Woo go us :)
  • Plasticleech , South Eastern Sydney June 26, 2013 | 14:27
    Kellie: A great comment. Can´t wait to sing better in the car!!
  • NeverNeverEVER June 26, 2013 | 19:02
    hey Converse - hang in there friend - relax thru the bad times and love the good times.

    Within an hour of writing this, i was in a bad time. I had an amasing 4 hours and then 1 hour of real real bad - i didnt actually even want a cigerette, i just wanted it to be over. I had to remember that this too shall pass - and it did.

    Haaaa Kellie - no amount of not smoking could ever make me sing better hahahahaha

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