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Hunter New England

49 days and !!!!!

Posted in Quit experiences 23 Jun 2013

49 DAYS smokefree today ( 7 Weeks ) on this insane Quit Trip. I have apparently saved $784 , Which is of course a positive.

I have to say this last week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me, The cravings seem to be more intense and seem to be coming more often. Of course Im not going to give in BUT OMG i came so incredibly close a few days back, I keep some Nicobate chewy and lozengers in my bag for these attacks,( Mind you im on 14 mg patches ) and thank goodness I had something to kill this nicotine beast. Fair dinkum its such an emotional drain but I know to just take each step as it comes, ride out the cravings and I have to say its a great feeling to come through these episodes at the end of the day and still be smokefree.

But honestly most of the time I feel like Im not the real me, Maybe It's a sense of loss ( losing that filthy habit), I get agitated real easily and Sometimes I honestly think Im slowly losing the plot.But at least I'll be a smokefree mental case and live a long time...Lol You have to laugh at this emotional roller coaster process or otherwise I would be crying, because I dont fully understand why my brain is acting like this.

For me I also know one puff is all it would take for me to be full on smoking again, So I guess this has been imprinted on my brain during this Journey. I will stay strong and not cave in. I just want this road to be a little smoother.

Anyway good luck to every-one. We can do this, on day at a time and keep strong xx

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  • Gammy, Hunter New England June 24, 2013 | 19:34
    Thanks every-one for your support,i honestly dont think i could do this without this site, Your replies, your stories and sharing your experiences.Because our stories are so real, we can all relate to each other and pick each other up when were on the brink of falling.And thats what you have all done,Today is day 50 for me and a whopping big $800 in my make believe bank account where Ive stashed it all ( I wish i was wise enough to do that ),but honestly I've probably spent that at least twice over on treating myself-- why not I say,I would have smoked that money away..And Pallmall Im not using nicobate chewy daily, just when I really think Im going to pull into the servo and crumble and buy a pack.I bought a pack of 24 nicobate gum 7 weeks ago and still have the majority left, so 1 piece of gum probably every three days or so.If that.I just think if thats what it takes to stay smokefree,I'll try it..Anyway every-one thanks so much for your support.Stay strong and keep posting, we need to read how we are all going to guide us when its our time...
  • PallMall, South Western Sydney June 24, 2013 | 16:00
    You're doing great Gammy - it may help if you occasionally substituted some ordinary gum instead of the nicotine gum as there is a possibility that using the patches plus gum you are getting a massive nicotine hit, and as you said nicotine is a beast. And I agree with Mr Golf go and have a pamper with your saved loot - you deserve it! And being a non-smoker the spent loot will be replaced in no time.
  • Ritbit June 24, 2013 | 9:27
    Well done Gammy I had the same thing at 7 weeks i would just snap it felt like everyone was ganging up on me its stuff that i have dealt with forever and it never got to me until then but now 2 months non smoking that seems to have gone so keep it up it definately goes away and it gets better your doing great im doing great and it is all worth it good luck
  • goonellabah2002, Northern NSW June 23, 2013 | 18:50
    Well done Gammy. It gets better the more you keep going. I have found I have become more emotional too but I do put it down to quitting, but hey, what's a few tears amongst friends? lol at least we are getting our health back so a few tears is nothing really.
    It is amazing how quickly the savings mount up and like Mr Golf states, spend it on something you want and need so that you can have great pleasure in it.
  • Mr Golf June 23, 2013 | 13:15
    Gammy, I hope I don't have the same intense cravings when I get to 49 days. only 29 more to go for me to catch up to you...I hear what your saying about getting agitated really quick and feeling like ya losing it, don't worry about it, just use some of that $784 to go and have a good massage or something and relax, as my wife says, retail therapy is well worth the money ya spend if ya spend it in the right way..... i never agreed with her until she forced me to go do it.
  • converse June 23, 2013 | 11:42
    Hey Gammy good stuff, 7 weeks great work. I hear you on the emotional aspect, it can be challenging. I put it down to adjusting. It is a loss, but it does feel great when you are still smoke free, it will not last forever. You have to laugh or you will cry is right. I kind of feel zoned in somewhere else.... it is still new, there can be pressure sometimes, but the longer I am off them , the further away from the mindset of a smoker I am. It may take me a little longer to get used to the new me. For me one puff and I am back at square one. You are doing awesome, so far , stay strong ....
  • moremoney, Western Sydney June 23, 2013 | 10:13
    Well done Gammy. 49 days is huge! Keep strong

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