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The Silly Asthmatic

Posted in Getting started 14 Jun 2013

Hi my name's Matt, I'm 24 and have been smoking since I was about 17. I've had asthma from birth but I had it pretty well managed with constant sport, fitness and vigilant use of medications, all up until my mid/late teens when I fell into the smokers crowd, boy what horribly stinky crowd to be a part of, but I knew none the wiser!

Smoking has been in my family since before I can remember and I subliminally used this knowledge to fuel my addiction, in the way that I witnessed family members chain smoking which in turn made me believe I could do the same with little to no conciquences - (shakes head in disapointment).

I'm now at point in my life where my asthma is getting worse due to poor management / smoking and I need to make the change or face certain dark times. I can't wait another day, week, month or seven years to quit becasue I know that by then it will be too late and I'll probably be long gone!

I've realised it's time to stop making excuses, be smart about my future and take control of my life! I use to say, 'addiction shows commitment' but that was pretty damn stupid because this particular addiction has the strongest ablitlty to break a commitment - to a friend, a loved one and most importantly yourself.

Stay true to yourself and the ones that care about you most because life DOESN'T have to be short!

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  • JackGarner June 15, 2013 | 9:42
    Dude - I totally get this. I am/ was an asthmatic smoker and also was a bit of a con artist at the pharmacist. I'd carry two asthma cards and switch them out so it would look like I was using half as much Ventolin as I actually was. They'd ask me if I was using Ventolin more than three times a week. In reality I was using it three times a day. This was as recently as a fortnight ago.
    Anyway, here's the upshot. I quit smoking two weeks ago and have not puffed on a Ventolin once since. Not once. In fact, I don't have a Ventolin now. It's a very weird feeling and obviously, brilliant. I swear man, quitting for asthma brings awesome results.
  • humble June 14, 2013 | 20:01
    Hi I've made so many excuses with smokes today I have quit, I suffer depression and a friend told me you can focus on dying or focus on living. I,m going to keep this saying in my head to stay positive. The idea of doing crunches by your mum sounds like a great idea see how many you can do in a minute now then each week will try this myself. Good luck hang in there.
  • Mother of Silly Asthmatic, Northern Sydney June 14, 2013 | 15:36
    Parents do silly things as their parents did silly things and so on which means we are all human and make mistakes. Somewhere along the line though the cycle has to be broken. I went cold turkey 8 years ago and have never looked back. A fit asthmatic is the only option for an asthmatic. Start by getting down and doing some crunches whenever you feel the craving - I guarantee that you will enjoy the fitness benefits so much that smoking will be the last thing on your mind. I'm right behind you Silly Asthmatic!

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