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condescending moron

Posted in Hints and tips 19 May 2011

I am writing this in response to a comment left by liza on the 11th may what right do you have calling me names like that. some people like what i have to say well the matter has been reported to the moderator, so it is in their hands now. but i would like to add that i have now quit smoking and it is all thanks to champix. and i must say that i did not get any side effects that other people have mentioned well i will not be visiting this website again.  eric....

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  • msj May 19, 2011 | 16:03
    I did not read the comments/post you refer to Eric but it seems to me a real pity some people are incapable of accepting different perspectives and experiences and become nasty and abusive. Especially as this webiste is all about people sharing their ideas and experiences in a supportive environment given the common goal all of us have - to quit and maintain a life free of cigarettes. I hope you won't allow one person's rude and insensitive remarks to dissuade you from being a part of this community.
  • Moderator May 19, 2011 | 17:42
    Hey Everyone,

    Just a friendly reminder that the idea of this forum is to share and support one another on your quit journey whatever method you take.

    Before you press post review what you are posting and think about how it could be viewed by others.

    Good luck on your quit journey!
  • Niki May 25, 2011 | 10:42
    Hi, I have stopped smoking for 51 days, using patches & gum. I found the 1st 3 weeks the hardest, now I just repeat in my head: I DON'T SMOKE.I feel & look better, though I've put on 5 kilos. I can lose weight but cant get rid of cancer. I put the money in a jar everyday, I now have $640.05. I smoked for 35 years, if I can do it anyone can - just be serious about it not half hearted (I did many of half hearted quits). Good Luck!
  • Pete from penrith May 26, 2011 | 14:17
    D-Day tomorrow 27 may 11,...Ive run out of rolly papers and getting a little NARKY.....

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