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Don't Weaken.

Posted in Quit experiences 12 Jun 2013

If you are tempted to stop trying then please read on.

Well I have made it to the 1 year without a smoke mark, but the damage has been done. Subject to further tests it would appear that I have Aorto Illiac disease which is narrowing and/or blockages in the lower Aorta and both Illiac arteries that feed various body organs and the Femoral Arteries for my legs. This causes me severe pain when walking more than about 60Mtrs, and I do mean severe. It can get worse to the point where amputation is required, thankfully my problem has been diagnosed in time.

This is caused by 53 years of smoking, so if you have moments where you are tempted to have a smoke then remember this post.

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  • eric, Western NSW June 12, 2013 | 16:39
    sorry to hear that, we smokers think we are bullet-proof it will never happen to me i thought like that i stopped after 44 years of smoking and i gave myself emphysema i started when i was about 14 yrs and stopped at 58 well i hope things start looking better all the best.
  • Gammy, Hunter New England June 12, 2013 | 19:24
    Hi Bill44,
    One year smoke free that's absolutely fantastic. well done!!!
    Sorry to hear about your smoke wounds, I honestly hope it doesnt worsen and you need amputation. Smoking scars us all eventually, in some form.
    We all pray that we are the lucky one and get away without any damage from the years of smoking, It's horrendous at the amount of damage smoking does, and how a true smoker can block it out of their minds and live in denial.It's such a huge addiction and yet so damaging..
    Anyway I can go on forever..
    Thank you so much for sharing, we need stories like your's to keep us strong and focused..Good luck and all the best xx
    @Eric sorry to hear about your condition as well, well done staying smokefree and all the best to you as well xx
  • john_syd_west, Nepean Blue Mountains June 13, 2013 | 13:30
    I am sorry to hear your news I hope that something can be done for you. I have now been smoke-free for only 5 weeks after 40 years and I am hoping that it is not too late for me. Good luck mate I hope you can get past this.
  • humble June 14, 2013 | 19:45
    sorry to hear of your illness I hope you pull through ok. I have only stopped smoking for eight hours now but after reading your post it has helped me to stay off them. Well done for being off so long keep it up we are proud of you.
  • NeverNeverEVER June 16, 2013 | 18:24
    :( Sorry Bill

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