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Struggle Street!

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Jun 2013

Hi All, Im now on Day 12 of no smokes and must admit the cravings have been terrible the last few days, I am tired of fighting myself on whether the journey is worth it - i try to find reasons as to why i should resume smoking and its silly because i know that this is a part of the quit process and that my brain is trying to trick me into giving in and then i'll feel even worse off and have to start at square one again! this really only happens when i get a craving and then thats when the mood/sadness creeps in making me feel worse :( but after a little while (alot longer than the standard 3 minutes) that feeling goes away and i am happy that i didnt give in and then look to the positives that i am experiencing so far, the better smell, the deeper breaths, the money etc.... i have found that this site & the people in it have been a great relief as i like to read the stories on how others are doing. I also found a website that details A LOT of the things WE are experiencing and while i was reading this, it gave me the positive reinforcement i was looking for. So maybe check it out if you havent already and hopefully it will help you as well :)

Good Luck All & best wishes :) xxx

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  • Gammy, Hunter New England June 11, 2013 | 19:56
    Hi Kellie2185,
    You've got to be pretty pleased at reaching day 12, well done to you..
    As has been said before however, whatever you need to do to stay a non smoker.Sounds like your experiencing some pretty BIG cravings and the whole process seems BIG..Sorry if i sound negative.But I read you post and BAM it seems like you going through a hard process.
    Just take this quit process day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute,The cravings come and yeap they go. They dont any real damage just crazy mindgames.. Good luck on your quit journey,Hope the whole process gets a little calmer for you :)
    Good luck and stay strong
  • goonellabah2002, Northern NSW June 11, 2013 | 19:57
    Now that is what you can do when you get another the net. See what you came up with?

    You can do it just be positive in yourself and be strong. All the best and thank you for the web address.
  • converse June 11, 2013 | 21:09
    Hey Kellie, well done on day 12, good going. It is terrible the way it plays with your head. but you sound strong and well armed. I just read the link it is very insightful, some parts of it hit home with me. Knowledge is power when going through this. good luck on the rest of you journey.

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