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1 Week as a non smoker

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Jun 2013
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Hi All,

Whoop Whoo!!  One week today as a non smoker and love it.  I think I am on Day 15 of Champix, not sure, Day 2 of Pack Two if that makes any sense.  I open up my icanquit mobile app(MyQuitBuddy) on my phone yesterday and it said to treat myself to a haircut for doing so well.  I like that idea, but I am bald already, lol.  True story.

Having some weird nightmares about smoking in the last two nights.  Really bizarre.

I was having problems with nausea in the last couple of days so I ate a few spoonfuls of fruit yoghurt last night before bed and it seemed to work a treat.  No stomach rumbles or elbows in the head from the bride for flatulating during the night either.  Now thats a bonus, lol.

Now that I have completed one week as a non smoker, I am challenging myself everyday to remain smoke free.  

Has anyone else downloaded the Apps for the smartphones?

I have downloaded a few.  My Quit Buddy appears to be the best.  On the myQuitBuddy, which is a free App, is the fruit sorter game too to keep you distracted.  Funny as game when you don't wear your glasses still.

Anyway, better get off here as my little mate, Anzac, our Shitzu is wanting my attention as he is wearing a bucket on his head now for two weeks as a result of being castrated.

Hope everyone else is smoke free and staying strong too.

We can do this as a team.


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  • Ashok June 10, 2013 | 16:01
    Congrats and all the best :)
    Me also today celebrating my first smoke free week :)

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