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day 1 nearly over...

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Jun 2013

hey guys well day 3 on champix and my quit day was today and not one smoke was smoked im so proud of my self even when i walked in to the servo today i didnt even buy smokes or even think about it ( normaly i grab them without even thinking im rewarding my self tonight with an ice cream:) (must cut down on how much im eating) and ive decied that im going to reward my self at 1 week ,1month,3months,6 months and 1 year i cannot wait until that 1 year of not smoking is here ill be so proud of my self and i know my friends and family and most of all my partner :)

question for you guys what was your hardest day on smoking if could be before you quit the day your quit or it could of been 6 months of not smoking and why was it the most hardest day?

well im off before my ice cream melts :)

 talk to uses later

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  • converse June 06, 2013 | 23:42
    Hi sazza, good stuff on not smoking and you should be proud, it is the hardest.
  • eric, Western NSW June 06, 2013 | 23:44
    i did not have any hard days i cut down over 3 days 6 cigs. the 3, then 1, after that i was over cigs, and have not had or wanted to smoke ever since and that was 23 dec. 2010 so have a smoke-free life all the best.
  • ammy June 07, 2013 | 6:20
    hi thanks everyone for your stories my quit day is Monday 10th june I think the 1st cig in the morning will be the hardest. really want to beat this terrible addiction ammy
  • sazza June 07, 2013 | 10:27
    Hey ammy my hardest part was the smoke in the morning as soon as I was awakr I was out side having a smoke first thing I would do in the morning I guess keeping your self buzy is realy how I did it and the champix as well I still have a craving now and then but not as bad as before you just have to keep think nope I dont want one and I dont need one even if you have time in the morning go for a walk or jog ? I hope this has helped a little bit dont give up and dont give in :)
  • kay, Northern Sydney June 07, 2013 | 18:02
    i am planning on quitting within a fortnight... it has always been hard man.
    i did write up my reasons to quit though on the board... sazza check it out, i think you and others may find it useful...
    peace out kay...

    ps good luck.
  • Kellie2185, South Western Sydney June 07, 2013 | 19:08
    Hey Ammy & Sazza, I have now substituted my morning ciggie ritual for more sleep! :D I use to wake at 6am, have a few ciggies and my coffee, then go inside at 630am and get ready for work. I now wake up at 620am and spend 10 mins on my coffee and then into the bathroom to get ready. The extra 20 mins helps a ton! Good Luck all :)

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