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Day 12 SMOKE FREE!!!!!!

Posted in Quit experiences 06 Jun 2013

Hi Everybody!

So far... so good!I'm still taking my 2 daily Champix, I keep drinking lot of water and keeping rice cakes (low cal) next to me to avoid jumping on biscuits and chocolate :)))

Otherwise I still have some weird dreams but nothing bad...they are quite funny actually lol

I would lie if I said that I completly forgot the cigarette... I have some big cravings at some times but managed to forget them by distracting myself, keeping very busy at office, watching tv, drinking water... I also tried to reduce my intake of tea... I used to be an addict, drinking liters of tea during the day and it was of course associated to the cigarette... so i decided to switch to hot choco for a while :) It's ok so far...

It's been 12 days now i did not touch a cigarette but strangely it feels like ages lol don't ask me why... I guess it's psychological mainly..anyway...

In case you have any doubt about this medicine, well i had the same ones before starting but now all gone... this pill is magic.. of course you have to take it very carefully (during/after meals...), otherwise it did wonders with me... Although i have those cravings, I can't stand the smell of tobacco and I love what I've achieved so far.. I feel so fresher in mornings and I enjoy smelling my own perfume all day long lol

Good luck to all!!!!!No matter what, I will resist as much as possible to the cravings, keeping in mind how good I feel NOW :))))

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  • Stevep June 23, 2017 | 0:25
    Also day 12 feeling great. Exercising like a madman. 5 miles on bike then 1 mile slow jog. 4 times a week and golf the other 3 days. Quit for 1 1/2 years then stupid me had a cigarette that triggered another 2 years of smoking. Never again. Never ever have just 1 puff. Cold turkey and feeling great. No sweets and lots of water. I am 62 years young and want to make it to 100. Congrats to all who have quit. Never again. N1p. Never one puff!!!
  • HR June 07, 2013 | 11:15
    Thank uuu Converse!!! Well done to u tooo on ur 2 weeks :))) ur advices and support helped me a ton. Keep going I'm just behind!!!
  • converse June 06, 2013 | 23:28
    Well done on twelve days , good stuff, tea is one I was addicted to also , but still drink a good bit still. Well done on getting so far , I love your posts , look forward to hearing from you in the future.
  • HR June 06, 2013 | 20:21
    Hello Charleegirl!!!! Ya tea was my dope loool not anymore :))) it is definitely good to feel good as u said ;) I feel so proud of myself... Didn't know I had all this willpower hidden in my head lol thought my need to smoke was stronger; I was definitely wrong lol
    Ooooh magic it is ya... Same here, no way I could have made it without it too :)))
    Thanks a lot for the support Charleegirl... Because of people like you we can all make it and be smoke free...
    Well done to you tooooo on your 21 days smoke free!!!! Hope to read you soon. Take care and keep going!!!!!
  • Charleegirl, Hunter New England June 06, 2013 | 18:36
    Hey HR! Well done you! I know what you mean re your tea, I had the same thing with coffee so have now switched to tea LOL. Its good to feel good isn't it! I agree re our magic pill.... no way I could this without it.... Great to hear you're doing so well. Look forward to reading your next update :)
  • HR June 06, 2013 | 16:42
    @Gammy: Thank uuuu Gammy!!! Same to u... U r doing quite well, keep going!!! Well done!
    @JackGarner: Day after day u will see even more improvements :))) all positive... Except the cravings but its a mental exercise ie u must be stronger than the craving... Keep going and stick to this support site; it helps so much!!
    @Neil: thank u!!! Yes I will keep going I love the way I smell :) I'll specially keep fighting against myself :)

    Thank you all!!!! The support this site is given is huge and would never succeed without u guys and ur advices! Again thanks a ton and good luck to all!!!
  • Winnebago June 06, 2013 | 10:49
    Congrats HR, you are doing great and nailing this. Keep up the good work. Neil
  • JackGarner June 06, 2013 | 8:58
    Awesome, I can't wait until I'm 12 days smoke free! You're killing this challenge, HR. I'm up to the beginning of day 4, but what a massive difference already having no cough in the morning!
  • Gammy, Hunter New England June 06, 2013 | 5:55
    Hi HR,
    12 days smokefree your doing great.
    I hear what your saying about feeling fresher, at least we're no longer covered by that haze of cigarette smoke. So nice to feel fresh and enjoy the basic sense of smell. How bad is that, Smoking even deprived us from smelling nice and being able to smell.
    Anyway HR, Your doing really well, keep strong and good luck xx

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