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champix day 1

Posted in Quit experiences 04 Jun 2013

So day one on champix and ive already sliped up gone and brought a pack of smokes and had one all becoz I was bored and started to think about smoking ... when does champix start working im one on day one of week one so im guessing they dont kick in fully until like day 4 or something help

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  • eric, Western NSW June 04, 2013 | 11:06
    just don't buy any smokes you can stop any time you like. i took champix and stopped after day 3 just get rid of all the things that remind you of smoking and being bored is just an excuse to smoke well stay strong all the best.
  • Bill44, Central Coast June 04, 2013 | 14:42
    Sazza don't expect Champix to give up for you, you are the one who has to do that. If being bored was enough to get you to go buy a packet of smokes then ask yourself just how determined are you to give up smoking.

    Trust me, the thing that will get you off the smokes is you really wanting to give up. Without the determination you are fighting an uphill battle.

    Written by a bloke who smoked for 53 years and who will have been smoke free for 1 year this time next week.
  • Winnebago June 04, 2013 | 16:56
    Hi Sazza,
    If you are on the first white tablet of Champix, you can still smoke. It's totally up to you when you want to stop. Believe me, after being on the white tablets for a week, you will notice that smoking is not the same anymore.

    Concur with Bill44. You have to want to give up yourself. Champix only assists you in the process. Ask yourself why you were bored and if you can look at it as a trigger, find something to do that will take your mind off smoking. When I have a craving, or think of smoking, I log onto this site and read the blogs. Success stories even motivates me more determined to be a non smoker. I have an EBook titled Kicking Butts-Quit smoking and take charge of your health. If you want a copy, please feel free to contact me and I can email it to you or anyone else that would like a copy. Neil
  • sazza June 04, 2013 | 17:14
    I know the being bored was an excuse but that's when I smoke more and I was sitting the just falling apart becoz I didn't want to smoke.. and I ended up going out and getting some and I feel discusted in myself I realy want to quit it just that I need to keep buzy all the time snd being a stay at home mum there are times where there is nothing to do so you just sit there and be bored whitch the cravings kick in the most ... its gonna be one rollercaster ride I just hope I don't take my moods out on my partner as he will just leave ...
  • converse June 06, 2013 | 8:27
    Hi Sazza, You can still smoke on Champix, you set a quit date, between day 5 and day 14.... you have to want to quit too, that is the vital part. I am on Champix too, I quit after 13 days, you will notice as the days go on you will be smoking less and less. Eventually you will get no enjoyment, the smell became overwhelming and you let go of them and anything that reminds you, ashtrays etc. However I still get cravings, I miss them, not going to lie,but they are moments and they pass. But you notice you feel better,skin is better, you breathe deeper, all positives,that is what keeps me going forward. Boredom is a massive trigger, go for a walk , take you mind off smoking. I have noticed I am very emotional , having realisations throughout the day, and finding ways of letting go of the thinking. It is a battle, but I want to make it. I run in the evenings, which is getting better, it also helps me get out frustration, and anger associated with the day. go on here and read posts and write , it really helps the support is phenomenal , and it keeps the focus. You are in the early stages keep going you can do this.

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