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Day 4 & feeling so good nicotine free

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Jun 2013

Hi All,

Had such a great day today.  Even had fresh prawns at the beach with my beautiful wife, just chilling. No cravings still, well, I don't think so anyway.  Pasta for dinner, not one serve but two.  Now thats a slight problem at present, my weight.  I am about 75 kg now but if this food addiction continues, Michelin Tyres may want to employ me for their TV Ads, ie Michelin Man or Jenny Craig may have another customer.  I am not too concerned at present as I think it may be a way of disguising cravings.  If this keeps up in a few weeks time, I will throw the budgie smugglers out and go for the boardies instead.  Had my Champix after dinner and relaxing now with a glass of red wine.  So far so good and I am very happy with my progress.  To each and everyone of you 'Quitting', keep up the good work and stay strong.  I have an E Book titled - Kicking Butts-Quit smoking and take charge of your health.  If anyone wants a copy emailed to them, please let me know and I will email it to you.  Worth a read.  Neil 

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  • Gammy, Hunter New England June 03, 2013 | 20:54
    Hey Neil.
    Day 4 wahoo..Your powering through the days..
    Well done, keep strong and YES Stop eating.
    And one more request---please do not go there ( budgie smugglers) -- keep that whole picture to yourself.Mr Michelin Man in budgie smugglers.Please dont do that to us.
    Anyway your doing great staying off those fags, good luck :)
  • converse June 03, 2013 | 23:28
    Hi Neil, Well done on day 4, you seem to have some good aids available.. it all helps. The eating .... tell me about it is awful. I am on day 22 of champix and day 12 days smoke free, I find after eating, my stomach feels empty, and I am in the kitchen munching on biscuits and anything. I am knocking that on the head very soon. Well done so far....
  • TanyaBee June 04, 2013 | 16:05
    Hi Neil, well done, keep going strong.... I have DEFINATELY put on some weight since stopping smoking with the help of Champix. But I have decided that stopping smoking is so much more important at this stage and a couple of extra kilos is a small price to pay... Nothing that cant be dealt with.... am on day 59!! woohoo
  • Winnebago June 04, 2013 | 17:12
    Hi TanyaBee,
    I went to the Vet today and weighed myself. Grr, 81.6 kg now. I have never been so heavy but am not to concerned as yet. Not smoking is better for me at the moment. I can shift the weight easily later. Oh, just to clarify, our Shitzu had a minor operation, hence why I was at the Vet. I wasn't thinking of getting 'Put Down' myself, just used the scales for convenience, lol. Neil
  • TanyaBee June 04, 2013 | 18:29
    hahahahaha.... thanks Neil! that gave me such a laugh... So glad to hear you are not having yourself "put down"... And hope your Shitzu is on the mend.... Don't know how much weight I've gained, no scale at home (maybe should pop to the Vet! lol) but clothes dont fit so know its a good couple of k's..... As you say - to be dealt with later! Onward and upward

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