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Never eat a boiled lolly & go to sleep

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Jun 2013

Morning All,

Had a wonderful night sleep with some amazing dreams again.  Woke myself up talking so must have been good.  Ok, my Tip today is never go to sleep with a boiled lolly in your mouth.  Cos you'll wake up with a sticky face and your face stuck to the pillow.  So if you were a last minute puffer before you went to bed and now have to change that habit, a small mint is recommended, lol.  Got up this morning, had my usual caffiene fix and them mowed the lawns just for a change of routine.  Then had toast with cheese on it & my Champix.  This is Day 12 on Champix for me now and Day 4 with no cigarettes.  My mind is sort of getting used to not thinking about smoking.  

If you have an Iphone, search for Free Apps about quitting smoking.  There are some good ones on their as well as this one that can show you how your carbonmonoxide levels, improvement of lung capacity, craving levels, circulation levels and heaps more that are improving.  The ones that I downloaded are Butt Out Lite, MLC and Smoke Free.  Worth a play with anyway plus if you do it when you are craving, it might take your mind off the fagging.  Hope all you Non Smokers have a good day. :)

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  • almina, Central Coast June 03, 2013 | 11:40
    what was your usual caffeine fix if you are day four with no ciggis?? and yes if the dreams could become movies we all could be rich !!!!!
  • Winnebago June 03, 2013 | 11:50
    Hi almina,
    I am a big coffee drinker and I mean big. However, now that I am on Champix, I have cut back to about 6 mugs a day. I would be too embarrassed to say that 15 mugs a day was the norm for me, lol. I'll keep it a secret. I still start off my day with my morning caffine fix, shower and then breakfast. My body is still getting used to eating breakfast. I have also started walking the dog a bit more and am being careful of my sugar intake. Mind you, if I could post a picture of me sitting in front of the fridge the other night, wondering what to eat next, you would laugh. Oh, and those dreams. Sometimes I can't wait to go to bed and wonder what I will dream about. Neil
  • Nic succeed June 03, 2013 | 19:24
    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the laugh, no more sweet treats before bed although you are lucky to be able to fall asleep so quickly. I too used to be a big coffee fan but now make sure I don't have one after bout 2 pm. I found it really stopped med sleeping before I cut down. Now that I am a non smoker I am actually enjoying green mint tea, works for my throat too. Congrats on day 4, hope you are feeling proud of that achievement, it does get a little easier, keep it up!

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