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Day Three with Champix

Posted in Reasons to quit 02 Jun 2013

Hi Everbody,

This is Day Three for me and about the 8th day on Champix.  If others have experienced the nasty side of Champix, including belly aches etc, I have found that if I eat my meal and take the tablet about 5 mins after, the belly aches do not appear.  The 'No sleep' at night time is evident, along with the dreams but thats better than getting lung cancer from smoking.  I found that the evenings are the hardest when watching TV & having a glass of wine.  The compulsive eating of anything and everything is a worry but I now have rice crackers (98% fat free, cholesterol free too) to munch on.  Going well.  Roll on Day Four....

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  • Gammy, Hunter New England June 02, 2013 | 17:13
    well done winnebago,
    I didnt use champix so cant comment on that.But can absolutley congratulate you on day 3, well done..
    lol about the eating, yeah youv'e got to be careful what we're eating now cos it tastes so good...
    Yeap so well done day 3 xx good luck
  • HR June 02, 2013 | 18:41
    Hello Winnebago

    I am myself on Champix and can tell you that it is magic... I'm on Day 9 smoke free and can't complain.. I wake up fresher every morning! Definitely you must take your pill during the meal and never on empty stomach or you will experience the nasty stomach ache... otherwise some weird dreams but super funny... i'm almost smiling prior going to bed, wondering what will be tonight's crazy script lol
    For the glass of wine, you should maybe replace it by a big glass of water for a while... just to clean your body and mind with this habit.. myself i almost erased tea/coffee these days... just not to associate it with the cigy time :)

    Otherwise totally right... better than getting lung cancer!
    I will try the rice crackers :)
    Good luck and keep going...
    By the way, keep coming here, this is a fabulous support site.,.. i did benefit from it a lot and will continue reading everybody's experiences ...very inspirational!
  • Kellie2185, South Western Sydney June 02, 2013 | 20:39
    Congrats Winnebago. Im on Day 3 smoke free & day 12 on champix, doing great so far although I am feeling the nausea even though im eating it with meals and fluid but I am telling myself that i'd rather feel sick/be sick than feel what cancer etc... feels like. I am finding that I am too, suuuuuuper hungry now and can eat anything I get my hands on even though I've just ate dinner lol but i'm going to try the rice biscuits as they are far better than snacking on other things :) thanks for the tips & best wishes.
  • Winnebago June 02, 2013 | 20:42
    Hi All and thanks for your comments. It's Day Three Smoke Free and Day 12 on the Champix too. Tonight if the first night that I don't have that feeling to rush outside for a smoke after dinner. I am also am armed with boiled lollies too now as a sweet taste takes away the craving. No anxiety or being on edge, which is so cooool. Hope you are all doing well. Have a great evening and keep each other up to date. It keeps us all motivated. Cheers, Neil
  • converse June 02, 2013 | 21:57
    Hi Winnebago, well done on day 3, I am using the champix too, I found I got more nausea as the dose went up,but it is gone now, I just eat a meal and take it half way through the meal and then finish the meal it works for me and no more nausea.Drinking water helps too, helps the whole healing process. Feeling more hungry now but watching it too. This site really helps reading others experiences keeps you motivated. keep going and good luck ...

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