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Really Trying !!

Posted in Quit experiences 01 Jun 2013

Day 46 and been going so well..but last few days been so stressful. Cravings are really bad tonight but trying to hang on in there...feel like the devil is on my back tonight... roll on tomorrow and a whole new day :'(

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  • HR June 01, 2013 | 19:02
    Stay strong!!! I'm only on my first week smoke free and I get these strong cravings. And then I just remember how bad I used to smell and how far I am now and how proud too so I drink my big glass of water, come read this support site, watch the tv etc... Try to find something to keep your mind busy and don't panic it will pass faster than u think :)))) keep going day 46 is an amazing achievement!!
  • Gammy, Hunter New England June 01, 2013 | 19:04
    Well done lindsey60 for reaching day 46, thats a great effort.
    Cravings can be pretty annoying and intense, but we both know you've just got to ride them out and hopefully they'll leave you alone for a bit.. One crazy experience this giving up smoking. Such a mindgame, But cheers to you, for a great effort reaching your 46th day and staying smokefree and reckonising that those nasty cravings are just what they are and they will go and yes tomorrow is a fresh new day with no nicotine monster at you..
    Good luck xxx
  • converse June 01, 2013 | 20:14
    Day 46 is amazing achievement so well done. I find drinking water helps me. Do not give into the beggar's you have come so so far now. Stay strong ....
  • TanyaBee June 01, 2013 | 20:32
    Hi Lindsey I am also on day 46 and HUGE craving... Re-reading Allen Car's book just to put everything into perspective again. Keep going....
    T x
  • kanga508 June 03, 2013 | 18:37
    Hi lindsey day 46 well done kick the devil tell him to get of your back i talk to my devil a lot haha if somebody hears me they will commit me you are doing so well keep it up kanga x x o o

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