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Why some just cannot kick that habit!!

Posted in Hints and tips 23 Dec 2010
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Hello to all on or beginning to kick that awful habit..... well done for comming to the site, thats the first step on your road to a new and healthy life.

Why we fail or why we cannot quit smoking is simple, YOU have to want to, YOU have to make the choice and YOU have to be happy about making that choice, because in the end its YOU that will benefit from it and from that everyone, around you benefits from it, your kids, your parents, your friends your work colleagues etc. You will actually have more time to share with the these people instead of always thinking " when and where you can have your next smoke" Think about it. I bet your life revolves around smoking. I could not get over how much more time I had on my hands when I quit!

When I quit I looked at quitting as a fresh start, I was excited about quitting. I know sounds a bit insane... its amazing how powerful positive thoughts are, rather than  dreading the thoughts of quitting! 

I remember when I quit, I didn't make a big deal out of it, this is your journey and its funny how when you tell people that you are going to quit how quick they are to say " oh here we go again", " oh but you might gain weight", " oh great your going to be a nightmare to live with ", "oh but woun't you miss having a smoke with your drink when you go out". Straight away you already think its going to be impossible and that no one has faith in you, so now your head is full of negative thoughts so you've already sabotaged yourself before you've even began!

Believe me  when you get through the first day of not smoking, be proud of yourself and think happy positive thoughts because its only as hard as we make it. Remove yourself from temptations, I didn't go out to the pub for 6 months because that was my temptation. I still had my coffee in the morning, and preoccupied myself everytime I thought of smoking, my house was spotless, my dog was walked many times during the day.   

Don't get me wrong it was still hard at times, really hard at some points, but stubborness and wanting to give up once and for all got me through and not wanting to start all over again. 

I've been off them over 4 years now and not once have I had one! Its funny one person said to me once " have you had one to see if you like it anymore " ...I said why would I want to do something stupid like that!!  

So if you are ready to quit once and for all and to start reaping in the benefits of quitting, I believe in you .....but make the move and believe in YOURSELF :-)

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  • MichelleH, South Western Sydney January 20, 2011 | 13:46
    Well done Claire. I had given up for 4 years once before and fell into that "I'm stressed, I'll just have one" trap. And here i am...starting my smoke free journey again. There is no such thing as JUST ONE where addictions are concerned. All the best to you. You should be very proud of yourself.

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