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Nicabate Lozenges are helping

Posted in Hints and tips 28 May 2013

Hi everyone,

I am now on day 2. So far so good. This is my thrid proper attempt at quitting smoking and I am trying a new approach. I have been using Nicabate Lozenges 1.5mg, and they do seem to be helping me curb the temptations for smoking, which I would like to recommend if anyone seems to have those lingering temptations going cold turkey. I think it can help as it satisfies the mental habitand it gives you something to do, and the knowledge that you are getting a small dose of nicotine without the nasty tar is reassuring, 

If you are going cold turkey and feeling fine, by all means, dont let this distract you. Howvere, if you want to give this a go, i highly recommend it. You can easily find them at coles or woolworth supermarkets in the health aisle. 

I'll let you know how i go, I just want to kick this unhealthy habit for good. I wish everyone teh ebst of luck in their quitting plans. 

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  • goonellabah2002 , Northern NSW May 28, 2013 | 7:35
    Thanks for sharing your story on the lozenges. I will be soon coming off patches as most days I forget to put one on now and have not noticed too much of a change. Some days I do get a bit touchy so I then put on a patch, perhaps that is when I could try a lozenge.

    Keep up the spirit and keep us posted on your progress.
  • JamesL , Northern Sydney May 28, 2013 | 21:57
    Fantastic, congrats on reaching that stage.

    Lozenges might work well as a sort of emergency back up for you to ease off the patches, mainly because you can take them as often and immediately if you feel the need.

    Keep up the good work

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