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Posted in Quit experiences 27 May 2013

Hi everybody!

All I can say is "so far so good" :) I'm on my day 12th of Champix and this is the 3rd day i am smoke free... which is a big accomplishment for me! It's true that this pill is doing some magic here: I have some moment of strong cravings but it goes fast as soon as I drink my big glass of water...or if I do my little breating exercize (ie inhale from nose/exhale from mouth during 5 sec each)...Other than that I'm sleeping like a baby... By the way, I'm having some weird dreams but nothing bad... the opposite actually lol I woke up 2 days ago because i was laughing out loud in the middle of the night :/ Weird ha!? lol

Nausea... none; actually i always make sure having my pill in the middle of the meal and its working fine!

I only reached the 3rd day far from ciggies but I feel so proud of myself. I really did not think I could complete the first day even... Now I will make sure to keep going and never ever go back to this sh.. Enough poisoning my own body and life! What a pleasure smelling my own perfume!!!

To those already on the same track... well done!!!! You must keep going because we are taking example on you guys!

And for those still not sure they can make it, believe me you can! If myself I could say no to my 15-20 fags/day, you can do it! You can use now many methods to help which is amazing!

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  • HR May 27, 2013 | 22:42
    Hello Converse... so it is to me really! Full of support and great people encouraging and advising you... amazing!
    Great to read you :)) The very first day i found this website, i found your first post and i was only looking for info about Champix before buying it... finally it was so reassuring to read you and the feedback you got that i went straight to the pharmacy and started my cure :)))
    Thank you Converse, Thank you all again... you ROCK!
    With your help, i started sleeping like a baby, smelling good and stopped killing myself slowly with fags :)))
    Wish you all good luck and catch you later for new posts and adventures hehehehe
  • converse May 27, 2013 | 22:35
    Hey , HR, well done.... this forum is really great, so helpful to me...and I am finding the horrible yellow stains on my fingers are gone and the smell, my nails look better too, and my teeth, and my tongue..... I am noticing something positive everyday, sleep is amazing. Hate the smell, those warnings on the pack were a push for me also it did go into the subconscious somewhere I can see a change in my mood too. Emotional sometimes but that is relief that I am alive and doing well, further along a path I never thought I could....knowing that you are not on your own, and sharing your experience is a massive help. so weel done to everybody on the same road in whatever transport we are all going to the same good luck and keep going..
  • HR May 27, 2013 | 21:49
    Hey Gammy!
    Thanks a ton for your message... super encouraging!
    You are definitely right, what a great road! I'm so happy that I've found this forum... this is so helpful to be able to share and read about others' experiences.
    OMG Loving my smell :)))) Before I was always obliged to spray perfume on me all day long at the office, to hide the smell of tobacco... Not anymore!!! Thanks a lot again to all of you because it does seriously help!!!
  • Gammy, Hunter New England May 27, 2013 | 20:56
    hi there HR,
    Pat yourself on the back, your doing really well. What a great road we're all on together-our road to recovery.
    There are no negatives in quitting the fags on positive positives, being able to smell again, and taste, have clean teeth, clean hair..the list is endless.
    Cheers to all of us nice smelling people on this journey xxxx Your doing really great
  • HR May 27, 2013 | 20:30
    You are the one to thank here for posting your experience :) so we, newbies, take example on you guys hehehe
    Seriously i feel so good and i proved to myself that i was strong enough to say no... what is amazing for me is to sit with smokers and not be tempted... the opposite, disgusted :)
    Well done to you too and keep going... Life is brighter now for all of us :))))
  • Nic succeed May 27, 2013 | 20:24
    Hi HR,
    Thanks for your encouragement and support its great to know that we are all in this journey together. Congratulations on making it through the first few rough days, it only gets that little bit easier each day. The pleasure of smell is also been a big thing for me. Come day 8 I am actually starting to feel really great. Keep up the great work of being a non-smoker!

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