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My CHAMPIX Experience!! Day 8

Posted in Hints and tips 23 May 2013


Like everybody, I was so worried about Champix.

I did read about it a lot, from the internet, asking the people around who tried previously, the pharmacist ( He must hate me now for harassing him about it, poor guy)... It's been a while already I was thinking on quitting... I have lately tried the e-cigarette; I was so happy for not stinking and being able to smoke anywhere... it did work for a month and so, i felt so fresh and relieved but one day i ran out of liquid, i just said to myself "just have a ciggy this time it's ok..." and "BAM" went back as if nothing has happened and was smoking exactly like before (maybe bit more even)... HORRIBLE!

And then I've got more interested about Champix... said to myself maybe this will disgust me once and for all.Day 1 - Day 5 = I was smoking quite normally; having the pills in the middle of the meal so had felt no nausea at all... maybe little bit dizzy shortly but then really no nightmare nothing else particular...Except that i sleep like a baby... 10 pm is my max while i usually like to stay up until 1am

now i reached my Day 8... I smoke around 5-6 cig/day... this is my first day on the blue pills (1mg) and hope im coming to an end with the nicotine relationship :)

my quit day is this coming Sunday :)

i will try to update on my experience regularly as I know it will help some of you people trying to quit with this drug.

Good luck everyone and big up to the ex-smokers.... we are just behind you guys :)

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  • HR May 24, 2013 | 1:37
    Wow well done ...seriously! I was so anxious that i was almost counting down the days until sunday (ridiculous lol)... In fact I did read your posts and I realized that i was lieing to myself... no anxiety, no stress... the opposite.. i feel so calm that I am forgetting to smoke :)
    Anyhow thanks a lot and keep going... be sure i am too follow your posts too! good luck to you too!!!
  • converse May 23, 2013 | 23:46
    Hey first quit day today , its fine so far... I had the same down to 5 or 6 smokes a day approaching the quit date until they made me feel sick...good luck and keep posting on your journey we are on the same road...and starting together .... I will follow you postings... good luck

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