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Posted in Getting started 23 May 2013

Hi Everyone,

First off, its very reassuring to read everyones ups and downs whilst trying to quit and seeing the amount of support everyone has for one another!

I just have a question on how everyone has dealt with their "habit"? Not the nicotine craving itself but the "after dinner smoke, morning coffee smoke etc...?" What has everyone else done instead of going for a smoke?

I am on day 2 of Champix and still smoking as per normal but dealing with the "habit" is going to be my hardest downfall so i need ideas on how to combat this come my quit date :)

Any help will be appreciated & best wishes to all those in the same journey.

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  • kanga508 May 23, 2013 | 18:48
    Hi kellie day 2 thats great what i have been doing when i sit down with a coffee i have a pencil and i smoke the pencil ha ha it is working for me good luck
    kanga x x
  • Gammy, Hunter New England May 23, 2013 | 19:36
    Hi Kelli,
    Well done on day 2, just stick to it and before you know it, its a week down.
    Most of us were smoking for a long time before kicking the habit, so it's all new, and we have to learn to be non smokers.
    I changed my break times at work, now go later after all the faggers have had their breaks, so that im not around smoking. Now that winters coming, its not bad cos i get to stay inside..
    Anyhow, however and whatever gets you to stay a non smoker is the way for you..Good luck ;)
  • HR May 23, 2013 | 19:47
    Hello Kellie,
    Stick to it as they told you earlier :) Im on Day 8 and can't complain...instead of smoking 15-16 cig/day i am now at 5-6/day.
    as for second effects, nothing major to report here.. I followed the advice of swallowing the pills during brkfst/dinner... i happened to be little bit dizzy for 5 min after taking it but not a big deal.. just a light nausea :)
    To say the truth, I smoke now just for the heck of smoking.. take a break, chat with my smoking colleagues... but i feel im not enjoying it anymore... i guess i will soon quit with no pain :) anyhow my quit day is next sunday and so far i am confident.
    Good luck and seriously no worries... i was having the exact same feeling as yours and finally im doing pretty well... i will keep on reading your posts and will publish mine for info with the details of my days from day 1 till today :)))) it can help i guess...

    Let's be strong and stop once and for all with this poison...enough smelling ash'
  • converse May 23, 2013 | 21:37
    Hello ,you are on the same stage of Champix as me .... My quit date is tomorrow and I think I will start today. Like you say no enjoyment from smoking, just a habit. do feel quiet sick on the Champix though after taking,then it comes and goes through out the day.... it may pass after a couple of days , so I will be patient and keep going and see what happens. the tabs are turning me off tea, and butter....very strange.... taste buds are all over the shop.... I'll be reading you posts , and updating mine daily ... god luck ....
  • Kellie2185, South Western Sydney May 25, 2013 | 19:42
    Thanks for your support, I really appreciate it :) I'm on day four now and I must admit I have notice a cut down in my ciggies, im now on about 8 per day rather than 15-20!! So I've decided to distract myself whenever I finish a meal etc... seems to be doing alright so far. The only one I cant at this stage avoid is the first morning one but i'm sure i'll get there eventually, i don't normally eat breakie so this will be my new "ciggie" once I've quit. There are 7 days now until my quit date and i actually for the time (deliberately lol) left my smokes at home! Went shopping, ate lunch and not once felt like i needed/wanted one so i'm positive at this stage :) Will keep you guys updated as i go :):)
  • HR May 26, 2013 | 4:10
    Well done Kellie!!!! You are on the right... I was thinking and acting exactly like you...saying to myself that I won't be able to handle without my morning ciggie but in fact it's doable and you feel so proud once you can delay this very first smoke. Once you did it, you can quit completely :))) this is why I smoked my first one yesterday at 4:30pm + 2nd one at 10pm. Today I'm smoke free and so far it's unbelievably easy... I did quit a day before the official quit date!!!
    Good luck and just trust the pill... It works!! Just add a little willpower and u r done!!!

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