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Posted in Hints and tips 23 May 2013

Hi , I am on the second week of champix on the high dose now three days.... I am sick all day and this evening......  My question is has anyone experienced this and how long does it take to pass? I read somewhere that people have halved their dosage, going back to half pill in morning to half pill in evening? does that mean you cut the blue pills in half  .... would like to hear from people who have taken the champix please.

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  • Gammy, Hunter New England May 23, 2013 | 19:42
    Hey converse,
    Sounds like your doing it tough,I have no idea about champix but honestly if your getting really bad side effects might be worth going and having a chat to your doctor..
    All the best to you and hope there's better days ahead for you.. Take care and be strong xx
  • Rennie, South Eastern Sydney May 23, 2013 | 20:26
    If they're making u sick i would consider talking to yr doctor or even stopping them. They are fab for some but no good for others. I tried them and they really played around with my anxieties and gave me a panic i got off straight away. I have heard if u suffer from depression or any form of mental illness u should not be taking them. They are a really strong drug not to be laughed at lightly. Good luck and hope u feel better soon. Some of my friends have been having terrible nightmares on them also.
  • Solo, South Eastern Sydney May 23, 2013 | 20:46
    Hi Converse, hope you are feeling better. I too am on Champix and take my pill after breakfast and dinner. Have had no side effects except for weird dreams. Others on this site have had nausea which reduced after a few days I think. Its a known side effect, but if you are ill 24/7 think you should check in with your doctor before messing about with dosage. For me, Champix has worked. I've smoked for 40yrsm 20/day, and am now 63 days smoke free. I've tried patches, gum and cold turkey, without result, but now feel I am beating the nicotine demon. So good luck, and keep your determination up front, its the backup to Champix.
  • TanyaBee May 23, 2013 | 22:00
    Hi Converse. I am on day 37 of not smoking and and am half way through my second month of Champix tabs. I also found the nausea absolutely awful although it was only after I had taken the tabs, so about an hour in the morning and the same in the evening. You must definately eat before you take them that does help and I take my evening tab quite early so that the nausea has gone by the time I go to bed. This week I had started halving my dosage. I cut the tablet in half in the morning and do the same in the evening. I would personally not recommend you half the dose so early on. You need to have the maximum effect of the tablets in the beginning.But speak to your doctor. Perhaps you can try other things, drinking sparkling water helps a bit, ginger biscuits etc. I almost gave up on the tablets in the beginning because was feeling so rotten, but just kept telling myself that it is such a short time of your life to feel rotten for such a HUGE reward. Keep positive and keep going. It is sooo worth it. I never thought I would say 37 days smoke free. Its awesome. Lots of love and luck
  • converse May 23, 2013 | 22:15
    Hey thank everybody for the feedback , really helps..... I will keep going on this not given up because I know I will regret it , have come so far already so keep going. I will visit a chemist today and have a chat.... also Ill definitely get ginger biscuits.... My sleep is good , alot better than before . a little restless but nothing really...a few dreams.... I truly believe these tablets are brilliant very effective indeed. I agree on the dosage .... I'll keep going until the next months prescription and have a talk then about halving the dose in the next month. Well done to everybody so far..... and keep posting .....
  • HR May 23, 2013 | 23:14
    Hello Converse!
    I am myself on Day 8 - first day on the blue pills 1mg... so far i'm "ok"... nothing major to report... i was just wondering if you were still smoking or if you reached your quit day or not yet...
    I'm trying to read about other's experience and be ready for my quitday this coming sunday :)
  • converse May 23, 2013 | 23:24
    Hi HR, my quit date is tomorrow, but I have started today..... the last four days I have smoked three smokes and never finish them , they make the nausea worse, and tea starts it off aswell. It is no harm because they both were a huge addiction for me , I used to go through 20 cups a day and 30 smokes if I am honest. As a result my I drink four cups now anymore I feel sick. I am sleeping better too, and feel alot calmer...think all that caffine and nicotine in my body made me more anxious. I feel positive and calmer now, I have given myself a break, that is how I see it now. so today is day one properly off smokes and day 11 of Champix.... you will be ready for the quit date, I was sceptical but it will just happen naturally.

    so my journey so far is
  • HR May 24, 2013 | 1:28
    Thanks a lot Converse for the feedback... Actually it helps a lot!!! I am now more confident about my quit date...Me the same; I slept very well! As if smoking less with champix has started calming me down too.
    Bravo again and hopefully me too i will join you soon in the smoke free group :)

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