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Day 1

Posted in Getting started 05 May 2013

Ok, here I go yet again!!

Been smoking for 35 years, Given up a few times over the years.And personally Im fed up with the on again off again ritual Im forever falling into to.

I have this new mndset of " this is it, No more giving up and then just having one when it gets too hard, Or im stressed- we all know the story...

So today is the first day of my new beginning, a new free life,No weakness's, No more On again off again..


Anyway, wish me luck.Good luck to us all xxxx

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  • Rennie, South Eastern Sydney May 23, 2013 | 20:40
    Gammy u sound so much like me. I'v smoked for about the same time also. Stresses of life has always been my excuse. So so over being ruled by the smokes. I've made so many positive changes in my life the last 12 months, the smoking proving to be the most difficult to budge. Well i'm onto day 4 now and feeling very strong mentally. Keep telling myself i'm a non-smoker now...seems to be working ok. I was gonna get hypnotised but missed my appointment ggrrrr. So i've gone cold turkey!!! I also have my sis living with me atm who is still a smoker, so gotta be super determined. Good luck!!
  • Gammy, Hunter New England May 10, 2013 | 18:37
    Thanks again for all your support goonellabah2002 and Chrisco.
    goonellabah2002 Im extremely positive and really confident.. I will do this.
    And Chrisco-- firstly well done on becoming a great grand dad, and sounds like a very proud one at that.He's a lucky child to have you!!!
    Im pretty determined that Im gonna give the fags up for good this time-like I said before Im so sick on the yes I smoke and then give up, take it back up etc etc..So Ive basically had enough of smoking and the hold it has on you when you are smoking, my lifes full enough without crazy mindgames..So day 5 today and its absolutely flown. fingers crossed it cruises like this for a while..Thanks so much for your support and Yes it basically is One day at a time.Think I'll steal that xoxo
    all the best to you and everyone else...
  • Chrisco May 09, 2013 | 21:58
    Me again GREAT GRAND SON was born on 1st APRIL 2012 not 13 got bash on head from wife
  • Chrisco May 09, 2013 | 21:55
    35 years good going well ,I smoked for (50) Fifty years I stoped smoking on the 1st APRIL 2013 the day my first Great Grand Son was born this is not a joke I made his mother a promise that if i am able i would like to see his first chid born even if they have to feed both of us & change our nappies i hope to be there .Its just the first step that one when you say in your mind and body that it is the right time & it has to be the right time there is something that seems to be there I dont know what it is but it somthing that makes things just works so JUST REMEMBER TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME thats all you can do like a push bike you may fall of get back on an go again My wishes are with you JUST ONE DAY AT A TIME
    bye I'll keep my eye out for you reports
  • goonellabah2002, Northern NSW May 05, 2013 | 20:48
    Be positive all the way Gammy and if the stress nears, then go for a walk or take off and do something else to change whatever was on your mind or phone a friend......u might get to be a but then you can always post on here too and we will all hear you and encourage you all the way.
  • Gammy, Hunter New England May 05, 2013 | 18:42
    Thanks Sami, day 11 for you,Yahoo and well done. Thats great xoxo
  • Sami, Hunter New England May 05, 2013 | 14:59
    Good luck :) we are all hear to support you! I'm on day 11 now and you can do it!
  • Gammy, Hunter New England May 05, 2013 | 13:23
    Thank you all so much for your support. I was contemplating having one and then read your replies. This site is so valuable,Its soo reassuring, just at the times you need that encouragement...Thanks heaps
  • Janicescarlett, Central Coast May 05, 2013 | 12:41
    I hear you so well. I am day 3 now I have smoked for around 39 years and I am really making this my final attempt to succeed quite smoking.
  • Janicescarlett, Central Coast May 05, 2013 | 12:40
    I hear you so well. I am day 3 now I have smoked for around 39 years and I am really making this my final attempt to succeed quite smoking.
  • Bill44, Central Coast May 05, 2013 | 10:47
    Gammy speaking as one who smoked for 53 years and hasn't had one for the last 327 days, the only way to do it is to be really determined to give up. there are lots of things that will help but they won't give up for you, only you can do that.
    The good thing is that the longer you go without a smoke the easier it gets.
  • dr.feelgood, Western NSW May 05, 2013 | 10:47
    that is the way to go give those cancer sticks the flick, all the best and good luck.

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