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How is everyone's mood swings?

Posted in Hints and tips 04 May 2013

Hi Everyone

How is everyone's mood going?  I know before I quit that I was a cranky b.... most but since using the patches I am not so cranky.  Some days I am but not as I was before.  I used to go cold turkey before (5 times maybe) and I was even worse than when I had to be careful to even say hello as I may have bitten your head off. After a while of knowing how cranky I was, I would end up back on the smokes as I hated myself being so nasty to everyone.   Anyway this time round I am using patches and feel more calmer although I do get some down days and gripe a bit.

What about you all any changes?

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  • oldrocka, Nepean Blue Mountains May 04, 2013 | 13:09
    Hi there goonellabah good to see your back on top of it.
    I tried the champix because i was unbearable on any thing else no luck for me with the patches i had to put so many on i looked like a badly punctured inner tube! lol
  • BAZINGA, Hunter New England May 04, 2013 | 15:43
    Patches are the bomb for me, don't even feel like a smoke and im rolling my wifes smokes lol, I still have slight cravings but nothing I can't handle. Yeah patches aren't for everyone, I got addicted to the gum lol that's bad stuff but it works maybe a little to good....
  • BHB, Hunter New England May 04, 2013 | 17:07
    Mood Swings !!! Ohhh Boy.
    I'm having them & my quit day is tomorrow.
    Glad you are going ok Goonellabah.
    You guys are awesome.

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