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Posted in Quit experiences 09 Apr 2013

Hi Everyone

Well, I have been posting some of you the last few days that I thought it was time I did my own personal story.  To tell you the truth, I only just found where and how to place my story.  Anyway here goes:

40 days ago I made the decision to stop smoking.  Now I have given up many times before (cold turkey and the use of a herbal drink) and even my last attempt I said I would never quit again.  Well I am glad I lied.  This time I have been using the patches.  For me they are working as I have not even craved a cigarette and nor have I been angy which is what I was all the time previously when I quit.  I am really not sure what I feel, but it is almost like I was never a smoker if that makes sense.  As I said, I haven't craved a cigarette and apart from my first 2 weeks I did eat a bit more but I have increased my time at the gym and go each day with sometimes going twice a day.  I am eating normally now so hopefully I can lose some weight too.  My only side effects would be the dizziness and loss of memory at times.  I am more concerned with being dizzy so i will be making a call to see the doctor soon just in case it has nothing to do with the patches.

Anyway I wish everyone the best of luck and look forward to hearing and reading all the stories.  Remember, we can all do this.


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