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Posted in Hints and tips 01 Apr 2013

Driving to visit the granddaughter and suddenly had the urge to light one up. I thought what is wrong and reached to rub my patch, and I had forgotten to put one on. They really do help.

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  • Gerry1 April 02, 2013 | 7:56
    Now that is interesting. I hope you survived the trip.
  • oldrocka , Nepean Blue Mountains April 03, 2013 | 10:02
    patches didnt work for me,i think i was actually charging them up!
  • MargW , Hunter New England April 04, 2013 | 18:01
    Did the same, went to the shops and a sudden urge came over me, remembering your story I checked for my patch and it wasnt there ,I carry spare so put one on straight away. Yes they do work,I found as well.
  • Goonellabah2002 April 07, 2013 | 14:05
    Hi, I quit smoking on 28 February and almost 6 weeks into it. I am using the patches too and am so surprised how well they work. While I have read some of these posts which say it didn't work for them, well I hope you have found something that works.
    Previously I had always tried by going cold turkey, but I was so angry and put on so much weight that I decided that I would smoke again as I couldn't stand myself being so abusive at anything. The last time I did that I swore that I would never quit again. Like the ad on TV, the more you try and quit the better you get at it and that is so true.
    I haven't quite finished my 1st month's box of patches and already now I am cutting them in half. Sometimes too, the half patch I keep on for two days. I have never had the urge to light a smoke and possibly because I got rid of the trigger points. I threw out the lighters, disposed of the ashtrays, removed all signs of where I smoked outside and feel just great.
    I purchased my patches through a prescription from the doctor as this can be funded for 3 months in every year. Well instead of paying more than $40 for a box of 7 patches (this is what I have seen in the chemist) I get 28 patches for $36.10. I have had my 2nd box for over a week now but have not used it yet. The day after tomorrow I will certainly use it and I am so glad that half the patch works for me as now this box will last me 2 months.

    Keep up the good work everyone.

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