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listen to your body

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Mar 2013
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to all you thinking of quiting dont hesitate listen to your body dont think like i did and think it wont happen to you. i had a heart attack 16 months ago and quit smoking that day. keep smoking and it will get you one day maybe not today maybe not tomorrow but it will. there is no doubt in my mind that it is a very poisonous drug and our government should remove it from sale. since november 2011 my life has been bad with not only myself having a heart attack but my mother who suffered a stroke at the age of 72 probably from her smoking. it left her with some brain damage , she now lives in a nursing home with a bit of vascular dementia and has much difficaltly walking. so please if you smoke stop now . GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL.

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  • oldrocka, Nepean Blue Mountains March 28, 2013 | 10:41
    the two faced government will never remove it from sale while they grow fat on tobacco tax!!!!And if they ever do all the people that lecture about smokers will be winging because the g.s.t went up with rego and fuel tax! they will have to get those millions from some where won,t they.
    any hoo i,m now nearly 3mnths with out a giggy but i wont ever forget i smoked if i do i may start again.

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