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Posted in Staying quit 25 Mar 2013

at day 220, no slip-ups so far but i wish i would stop eating so much. i have cut coke (of which i was consuming around 1 1/2L a day) completely out of my intake since quitting and aim to have in excess of 2L of water a day (and achieve this quite easily). i am only 163cm tall and have put on more weight than i am happy about... any tips/ hints about this are welcome :)

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  • leighdo13 March 25, 2013 | 17:33
    Hey live_longer - firstly congratulations!!! Over 7 months - man. I am on day 45 and i am now absolutely convinced that you can't control this weight gain when you quit. I am convinced that my metabolism has changed. I am still battling with constipation and it doesn't improve. Does anybody have any idea how long that lasts? I think the trick is to increase your metabolism. How? I don't know. I was wanting to try exercise and did do a wee bit, but have been waiting for this wonderful burst of energy that is supposed to come. It STILL hasn't arrived. I am not eating (or drinking) more than when I smoked and am eating healthier i.e. fruit instead of sandwiches sometimes and I am still getting fatter and fatter and fatter :( Can you imagine what I will look like at 220 days .....
  • live_longer , Nepean Blue Mountains March 25, 2013 | 22:28
    I have to admit that i never suffered constipation (thank goodness)so unfortunately i cannot help you with that, except to say that water and fiber are your friend (but too much fiber will have an undesired effect). I'm not feeling energetic at all, and i often have people say things like 'you must feel so much better now that you stopped smoking (and that i must be able to notice a difference in breathing) but as yet i have to say that the only difference i feel is a sense of achievement in quitting and staying quit... there is no miraculous feeling of easy breathing when exercising, and no motivation to get out there and move! I don't drink alcohol,softdrink or juice, i don't eat takeaway but i snack on smoked oysters and jatz (which i am inclined to place the blame on). i wish that i would just wake up tomorrow with an addiction to exercise lol.
    maybe we should join a weight loss after quitting support site :)
    i guess from this 'self talk' i have to admit that i am to blame for putting on weight and the 'magic bullet' is getting my bum moving more.
  • live_longer , Nepean Blue Mountains March 25, 2013 | 22:30
    oh and thanks leighdo13, seven months just seemed to fly by after about 50 days, life just seemed to go on without the cravings and without thinking about it. 45 days is amazing.... you should feel so proud and use that to stay strong.
  • anniepercy , Northern NSW March 25, 2013 | 23:26
    hey there you could try 3 serves about 3 cups of steamed veges a day as snack food my exersise physiologist put me onto this because of weight gain it helps increase your metabolism without adding kilojoules /calories.try with low fat cottage cheese as a taster for veges not butter hopefully it my help as well because of increase in fibre drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day this should balance out the contstapation issues .and energy probs .hope this helps

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