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Posted in Getting started 12 Apr 2011

Well, I have tried quitting twice now... this will be my third attempt. So far it's been one day, and the patches are really helping. I am also using an inhaler for morning cravings and the more strong cravings. But remember- quitting can take many attempts. This is my third attempt and I don't mind if it takes me ten attempts, I will not get discouraged by slip-ups. My worst cravings seem to be in the morning and when I am doing certain things. My cravings come worse when I take my dog for a walk, and to avoid 'bumming' cigarettes off people I avoid the places where I would usually be tempted. I also carry my inhaler with me wherever I go. It is my best friend. Just wanted to share my experience with others and let them know they are not the only ones trying to quit. Good luck all.

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  • eric, Western NSW April 12, 2011 | 16:51
    courtney, you will never give up cigarettes. you have just replaced one source of nicotine for another, patches, inhaler, why don't you just have a cigarette and be done with it. you have got a bad nicotine problem. be serious and give up the nicotine altogether. my first attempt i stopped. and i was a heavy smoker of 44 years, but i wanted to stop and i did.
  • maxie April 12, 2011 | 21:57
    That's not very encouraging comments there Eric. Courtney is at least trying and for some of us (myself included) it took many many attempts and other bad things before I finally was able to break the addiction. Remember that word, Addiction. That's what it is. Just because you stopped on your first attempt after 44 years doesn't mean everyone will do the same. Everyone is different. I applaud you for giving up like you did and I applaud Courtney for trying to find her own way of giving up. The main thing here is she is trying and has started to give up. Positive encouragement is needed, not negativity. So I say way to go Courtney. You've taken the first step so just don't give up. And don't give up on giving up.
  • maree April 13, 2011 | 9:10
    I totally agree maxie with your comments. Good on you Courtney. It's a different journey for everyone and you have to find the one that works for you. Champix worked for me. Just keep trying and you will succeed. Everyday is a closer day to staying smoke free for ever. Keep going. You will win.
  • sat, Northern Sydney April 19, 2011 | 18:40
    Whilst Eric's comment is true and you are still addicted to nicotine, the most important thing is that you're not smoking! CONGRATULATIONS! The goal of the exercise is to break the habit of smoking, not break the addiction to nicotine. Once you are able to get through the day without the associations - i.e able to enjoy your coffee/lunch/wait for the bus without a cigarette - then you can get off the patches and withdraw from nicotine!
    One step at a time - Eric is missing the whole point of this blog, which is support!

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