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Finally Success !

Posted in Reasons to quit 02 Aug 2022

Very recently I had a minor stroke and I attribute this to lifestyle factors like smoking. I am now a very committed quitter and I feel very proud of what I’ve achieved.

It’s been a very long road. The stroke was a final wake up call to kick the habit for the sake of my life and for the people who love me and care.

It’s so important to take ones health seriously.

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  • Happiness August 02, 2022 | 7:40
    I am so sorry to hear about your stroke Cuba. I am relieved that it was minor and that you are on the road to recovery. Keep active and keep desiring to remain a non-smoker. We can rise from this and regain some of our lost health due to smoking .
  • Cuba August 02, 2022 | 14:47
    Thanks Happiness for your message. Actually I’m feeling great. It was a warning, not to go backwards. If worse health can be avoided by not smoking and a better life ie good health is possible then that’s really good. Prevention is what I mean. Some people are already very ill so I don’t mean to be too proud but yes it was good to know about.

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